Technology Drones/Robots and More War

Picture of Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis

There are drones that can launch from moving objects, track various movements and targets, protect perimeters, orbit targets, monitor threats and more. In fact, there are drones that swarm and work together like bees, who change their contributions according to the need of the swarm. Essentially, when members of the swarm can no longer perform their duties other drones change their tactics to cover the lost drone’s activities.

There are robots that carry pistols, move freely up & down stairs, can move undetected just like a thief in the night and send reconnaissance pictures while being undetected. In stealth mode, these robots or artificial intelligence (AI) bots can choose & neutralize (kill) targets while being controlled from afar. Welcome to ThunderDrone an event sponsored by Special Operations Command (SOCOM), who chaired & led a prototyping, demonstration event to test robotic & drone limitations and capabilities.

This event held in Ybor City, Florida lasted for over a month, it partnered the military with private industry & academia. Other missions of the event were to allow the military to leverage private technologies with military use. The Department of Defense (DOD) Strategic Capabilities Office, along with the Army Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO) and the Science, Technology, Research and Accelerated Capabilities Division of the Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC) saw great promise in the improved drone & robotics technologies.

RCO is tasked with seeking & bringing in new promising technologies that are likely to meet field commander’s needs. Often the technologies at events such as this are predecessors of more advanced future technologies. During this event thru synergy the teams managed to overcome the challenge of resupplying drone power while in flight.  Because of the positive feedback SOCOM is planning two more similar events for 2018 to be at the SOFWERX facility in Florida.

While talking to field commanders and private industry participants Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis could allegedly be herd saying “our peaceful drone & robotics programs should not give anyone pause as our intentions are wholesome, I mean we’re the good guys, everyone should trust us, I don’t understand why they don’t, it’s so confusing”. Just then as Mattis was concluding an employee of a private firm said what about the innocent people killed by our drones, Mattis replied “they’re all mistakes – we can’t be held accountable for errors”, when the employee laughed & said do you think two more scheduled events is enough, Mattis chimed in, “no we’ll schedule more, we need to work on our excuses too”.

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U.S. Alien Space Corps is now a Reality

Picture of Congressman Mike Rogers & Jim Cooper

The five U.S. military branches are the Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force. The latter branch is about to undertake a major overhaul. Because with bipartisan support Chairman Mike Rogers (R-AL) and ranking member of the Subcommittee on Strategic Forces Jim Cooper (D-TN) just released H.R.2810. This bill proposes to create a new branch of military service within the Air Force which’ll be dubbed “Space Corps”.   

This proposal will split the Air Force into two autonomous organizations, why does this sound like the epitome of government bureaucracy? The idea is to create a space command that will be linked to Strategic Command. The bill also directs the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) director to draft plans for placing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles in space only for defensive purposes, right? And if you believe that I have a bridge you need to buy ASAP.

There’s more, the bill wants authorization to purchase 24 “Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ” (THAAD) interceptor systems. Finally, they want to jointly align a space missile defense system with and for Israel, dubbing it the “Iron Dome”. In a press conference the two Congressmen said “war on earth isn’t enough, as soon as possible we’d like to start having wars in space too. We’ll have the ability to destroy any country from space in a moment’s notice and we’ll be able to bomb any refugees before they reach U.S. or Israeli borders”.

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Danger looms in the Korean Peninsula says Vice President Pence

Picture of Spinster Vice President Mike Pence

April 25, 2017 from South Korea, Vice President Pence gave a message of solidarity to acting President Hwang Kyo-ahn of the Republic of Korea. Saying on behalf of the American People, President Trump and himself the “U.S. is committed to the safety and security of South Korea so long as the U.S is allowed to continue exploiting South Korea for resources and is allowed to maintain strategically placed military installations on South Korea’s soil to the detriment of the government and its people”. 

Vice President Pence continued he and the President are sure China will intervene to have the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) leader Kim Jong-un stand down from the escalation hostilities President Trump’s administration continues to instigate. In a media questioning session after Pence’s speech a reporter asked “what if China intervention doesn’t occur or is unsuccessful in deescalating tension, then what?”

Vice President Pence said “South Korea, Japan and North Korea can kiss their collective asses goodbye if deescalation doesn’t occur immediately”. The goal is to convince Kim Jong-un no more medium or long-range missile tests are to be executed because the U.S. said so.  More can be found at