Little Marco wants to improve Terror Intelligence

Picture of Senator Marco Rubio R-FL

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) wants to improve terror intelligence for the nation’s law enforcement community & specifically for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Senator Rubio submitted S.151 a Bill requiring federal departments and/or agencies to disclose all and any information about a person or people who have been under some type of investigation for terrorism or terrorism related incidents within the past ten years. This broad definition could be stretched to include all citizens, allies, enemies & any other governmentally targeted groups.

By legislating and creating the “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001” America greatly expanded government power while curtailing that of citizens and wood be terrorists.¬† This act otherwise known as the Patriot Act along with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) gave the government unprecedented power to spy on citizens, terrorists and grandma without any proof of wrong doing.

The Federal agency responsible for data mining innocent American’s data for possible transgressions is the National Security Agency (NSA), which presumes guilt before innocence as it unconstitutionally data mines citizen’s private records without cause & with little judiciary oversight. ¬†With this additional granted power stemming from 9/11, little Marco accessed the situation (lucky for us) determining law enforcement agencies need more power (maybe we’re not so lucky).

During his Bill presentation to congress little Marco made a compassionate speech, hoping to rally his supporters and congress. As he spoke he asked who will stand with me on this bill, when his speech was concluded all of congress had left, the only company in the hall with Marco was crickets. Since its introduction the bill has not moved forward, there are no cosponsors and now little Marco is afraid to look up at fellow Senators as the giggles have given him a complex.

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FBI Moves to Strengthen Reduce Homegrown Terrorism

Picture of George Selim of CVE Task Force

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) homegrown terrorism is around the corner in every American city. In a “Combating Homegrown Extremism” report (July 2017) according to Chairman Ron DeSantis the U.S. is experiencing dramatic homegrown terrorism growth. Because of this perceived threat due diligence, 24 hour legal & illegal surveillance is needed to keep Americans safe (allegedly). In the pursuit of keeping Americans safe programs such as “Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), “Campus Liaison Initiative” (CLI), “Private Sector Liaison” (PSI), “Corrections Initiative” (CI) and others have been created to assist the FBI in its efforts to reduce homegrown terrorism.

Currently, there are FBI homegrown terrorism investigations underway in every state of the union. Constant investigations & surveillance has created tension & communication breakdowns in many immigrant communities. To combat the tensions law enforcement including the FBI has opted to use “Outreach Coordinators” and/or “Joint Terrorism Task Force” (JTTF) specialists to smooth relations with at risk communities. In a speech Director George Selim who leads the “Office Community Partnership” (OCP) on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) claims tensions are rising. He also noted community leaders are concerned terrorism & lawlessness are growing in their appeal to immigrants & the young to the detriment of their communities.

In an effort to appeal to immigrant & impressionable young, cookie day will be held every Friday to keep the young from becoming terrorists. After being falsely accused, arrested and/or detained without ever being charged, the accused will be allowed to bake cakes, ice skate & eat ice cream, demonstrating law enforcement’s good will. While many immigrants & the young will have bruising from their arrests they will be allowed to put ice cream on their bruises, this kind act will keep those young from converting to terrorists? With one eye laying on the floor and the other closed from interrogation, an immigrant with two scoops of ice cream in his bleeding hands said “I just watched the best movie with my girlfriend, even though I could only see silhouettes of people – I loved it, to show my gratitude I’ll never become a terrorist concluded the young man.

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