Expanding Prison aka Slave labor Programs

Picture of Warden Tony Parker

Across the country forced prison labor is being used to reduce government costs for typical functions such as maintenance, rescue, carpentry, cleaning and more. This expanding pipeline reduces jobs civilians could obtain, incentivizes government including law enforcement to increase or maintain prison populations. But that’s not all, big businesses in nearly every industry partners with government, private prisons and law enforcement for free prison labor.

Typically prisoners have no choice in working, because it’s either do the work or be confined to solitary. An argument for prison labor says it helps prisoners time go by faster, and often prisoners can trade labor for time served thus reducing their sentences. Of course, this fly’s in the face of growing prison sentences. Instead of receiving thirty days probation or six months for a minor crime, new guidelines are mandating one to two years sentencing. So, when a prisoner works to reduce sentencing the effort only reduces an inflated sentence.

How is this legal? Sentence to Serve (STS) and/or Community Service Work (CSW) laws (guidelines) allow the expansion & continuation of prison labor programs. The path the country is on has seen local, county, state and the federal government perpetuate this program with the aid and funding of lobbyists, private interest groups and big business. Allegedly according to Tennessee Warden (Corrections Commissioner) Tony Parker the Orwellian future is here, law enforcement can legally create laws on the fly, giving officers the ability replenish prisoners as needed.

While out on a date Warden Parker allegedly told his mistress I can have your house cleaned, plumbing fixed and have a gold plate toilet installed. I can have your shrubs removed, bushes trimmed, car fixed & more. I have the power to control people’s lives; I can take away their liberties or set them free. I’m powerful and your about to get the Warden three inch platter, it’s good for two minutes, my last date laughed while I was giving it to her, she’s in jail now, you best not laugh.

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