Really, Government Moral APPS for Kids

Picture of Secretary-of-State-Rex-Tillerson

The U.S. Government has been using “Applications” better known as APPS, specialized programs or digital interfaces which are designed to operate in the digital arena for specific products & purposes. The Government uses these APPS to spread propaganda, to enlighten the public about government services, to conduct surveys, to track the publics behavior and movements but more generally to push specific messages to the public. These APPS cover subjects from children’s stories, terrorism, welfare, emergency services, travel adversaries, depression, suicide, war, religion, serving in the military, morals and shopping.

On the moral side of the APPS available & recommended to children is the AESOP APP, which contains over one hundred historic children’s stories. Allegedly the stories are meant to teach youth morals, courage and how to be good citizens by obeying ma, pa & having respect for authority the elderly and more it’s really sickening. There’s also secret code within the stories that touch on societal norms, regarding race, religion, wealth, class, civic obedience and other related status quo indoctrinating purposes or agendas.

The U.S. State Department (DOS) whose mission is to promote democratic values for some while promoting a free & prosperous small part of the world for a select few. With this mission in mind in an alleged press conference DOS Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told reporters “we’ve just cut military benefits now we need a new brainwashing tool for the little tikes coming up. My department has put out so many APPS & brainwashed so many proving this stuff works. I mean the parents nor their little tikes stand a chance, they believe anything we communicate”. Then the secretary turned saying watch this as he snapped his fingers, suddenly a handful of kids put on masks with points at the top while singing I pleba allegiance to the flag…

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