More Job Polarization to the Rescue of Wall Street

Picture of Secretary-of-Labor-R.-Alexander-Acosta

Job Polarization occurs when jobs leave the middle class, either going to upper or in most cases to lower level class jobs. This trend has been rising since the eighties beginning with Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Essentially, employment and wages for middle income jobs fall as new opportunities only exist below or above that middle income threshold. Some states notably Texas and Wisconsin have seen a larger loss of the middle class than many other states.

Many big businesses and trade associations peddle middle level jobs have not actually declined. Because of this paradigm a growing number of big businesses use the H-1B visa program to fill these unfillable middle income jobs. Claiming there aren’t enough technically skilled bodies to cover available positions, thus the need for foreign talent.

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas workers seeking to not fall behind have been forced to get more education or training to compete for open jobs. Armed with new skills workers are getting higher paying jobs. However, the increase in pay doesn’t offset increased educational costs. Also, workers from the H-1B visa programs are causing downward pressure on earnings. Making workers wonder if the new education expenses incurred are worth it. To exasperate the issue enacted anti-worker laws better known as the removal of collective bargaining rights have been implemented across the country to the detriment of workers.

In April 2017 The Department of Labor (DOL) announced plans to Protect American Workers from H-1B Discrimination by providing greater oversight and transparency. DOL announced plans to launch more investigations, change labor laws and continue sleeping with and accepting funds from stakeholders and lobbyists.

The Department of Justice, Office of Public Affairs issued a press release to employers stating “do not discriminate against American workers, we have set up a hotline for whistleblowers at 1.800.255.7688 for hearing impaired call Immigrant and Employee Rights (IER) at 1.800.255.8155.” I’m sure this hotline will scare employers, more than fines and/or jail would?

On the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website H-1B visa premium processing service will be increased to ensure Americans are screwed. In a press statement USCIS suggested businesses will be targeted that don’t have registered lobbyist and free sex workers. During a separate press conference Secretary of the DOL newly appointed R. Alexander Acosta reiterated business must pay to play and more playing is needed. More can be found at¬†and at