Big Business & Your Slowing Internet

Picture of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai

In 2015 the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) required Internet Service Providers (ISPs) follow Title II regulations (Common Carrier Regulation) of the Communications Act of 1934. Moving ISP control under Title II regulations put a stop to ISPs slowing down internet speeds for some customers while speeding it up for other customers based on their willingness or ability to pay for the enhanced speeds. Putting an end to this practice of throttling up or down would become known as net neutrality.

In 2015 the Obama administration pushed for a net neutral internet and sought to make laws discouraging and/or preventing the removal of net neutral laws. Forward to now the Chairman of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) Ajit Pai introduced a “Notice of Proposal Rulemaking (NPRM) if implemented would put an end to net neutrality laws and FCC controls. The NPRM would return regulation & policing authority to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) removing the internet from the umbrella of being a utility.

In his argument for removing net neutrality controls Chairman Pai argues competition helps consumers, free markets increase progress, spur creativity and delivers products consumers want. During a press conference when asked if consumers can’t afford to pay for competitive speeds what are they to do, chairman Pai replied “close shop, if you can’t compete in business you must close shop, competition isn’t for the weary or weak, it’s what keeps us strong. I acknowledge big business will have an advantage, they do now.

He continued, “Our laws have given big business unprecedented control over government & citizens, why should we stop now”. In an uncharacteristic diatribe Pai said “I won’t stop my bid for giving control to big corporations until the government is eliminated & all citizens are subjected to corporate rule”. He continued, “With the internet we can spy on you, control what you see & hear, feed you false stories & take advantage of naive patriotism. These are the tools of capitalism; our future looks to be great”.

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