Citizenship for Sale & Free Assimilation Grant $


Once again it’s the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) at it again, crunching the constitution by placing some religions over others and by continuing efforts to sell U.S. Citizenship. USCIS just announced $10 million in grants to organizations helping permanent residents get ready for naturalization (citizenship). This award is part of a larger ongoing USCIS Citizenship and Assimilation Grant Program that began in 2009 & since then has awarded over $73 million in grants to help individuals with assimilating into American society.

Thru the 1st three quarters of 2017 over 44 organizations have been financially rewarded by USCIS’s Assimilation Grant program. In reviewing grant winners, several awardees standout namely a handful of Catholic Organizations, a religious Non-Denominational Organization, a handful of Jewish Organizations, a Lutheran & Ministry Organization to name a few. Now somewhere in this list of religious organizations I expected to see the other major religions too, after all they have been buying U.S. Citizenships for eons just like those listed above.

In reviewing locations of grant winning organizations several facts stick out, (1) states with the largest new permanent resident populations include California & New York (2) top metropolitan areas with new permanent residents includes California & New York (3) top ten states having the most naturalization includes California & New York. There’s something else California & New York top the charts at, care to guess, good guess – TAXES. Both states are the kings of taxes and to be honest both states make tons of revenue selling citizenships, rewarding democrats & republicans both politically and personally.

In an alleged private meeting the two governors Andrew Cuomo (NY) & Gerry Brown (CA) could be herd laughing at taxpayers calling them nincompoops and losers. Adding, do what you want we’ll keep getting new voters faster than you can build a coalition to oppose us, we’re in office to stay, keep complaining & we’ll keep replacing you suckers. More laughter then a question between the two, I wonder what it feels like to be an ordinary loser, said one to the other when they both began to laugh, then silence, then in one clear voice the words “they’re the 99% why should we care”, could be heard from a distance, visually it appeared a high five was given, then more laughter could be heard.

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