Profitable Government Health Surveillance

Picture Fogarty Dir. Roger Glass

Non-Government health surveillance of public data is and has been conducted by many organizations including but not limited to faith based organizations, trade associations, industry groups, academia, non-profit organizations, funding agencies, research institutions, private for profit companies, professional agencies, rogue non-government entities, international world organizations, international & domestic government co-ops and more.

Typical government agencies collecting, surveilling & mining public health data are agencies such as The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), National Institutes of Health (NIH), World Health Organization (WHO, aka U.S. Government?), USAID, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), Departments of State or Local Health Services Organizations (DSHS), US Military, Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) & other more obvious governmental groups not listed.

More & more personal data must be freely given to corporations by consumers when interacting; the same applies when the public interacts with the government. As this data is aggregated, disseminated, traded & made profitable many ethical questions have been raised regarding public safety, acceptable risk, stigmatizations, trust & public support for government surveillance. As a matter of recourse the public has little knowledge of the big data & profits generated from their personal data, but that’s half the story. When data is incorrect the public has little knowledge to this fact & if known has little chance getting the data corrected in the various databases warehousing the misinformation.

Additional resources & new ethics standards or laws have been the cry of many institutions, researchers and citizens as the mantra for big data & analysis continues to grow. There’s no doubt big data has made predicting outbreaks & minimizing their harm easier, the question is at what cost to personal liberties. Warning some of the following comments are graphic in nature & not appropriate for minors. Director of The Fogarty international Center Dr. Roger Glass allegedly said in a press conference as we move into areas hit by devastation we must have people’s personal data in order to help.

As an example, in the last disaster for each piece of personal data freely given the citizen would be given a grain of rice. So, for a family of four if they pooled their resources they could make an adequate meal of the rice, supporting them for a day. And, if the ailing family or families didn’t have enough sellable data making them profitable they wouldn’t be given shit, said the director. Emphasizing goodness & help only goes but so far, explaining the organization must be maintained & that’s done by obtaining & selling personal data.

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More Abortion Laws Needed to Stop Citizens

Picture of Republican Senator Rex Rice

Lawmakers in South Carolina (Jr. Senators) just realized the July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence exists. In General Bill S.217 Senator Rex Rice, Cromer, Verdin, Davis, Peeler, Gambrell and others make startling revelations.  Article 5 of S.217 not only acknowledges the Declaration of Independence but it goes on to reveal other gems. Such as “all persons are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, who would of thought?

The geniuses go on to communicate personhood is God-given & that all men are created in the image of God, you don’t say, I wonder what side of the bed they got out of when they wrote this bill. While reading the senators revelations they definitively state “a human being vests at fertilization” I thought that was like a fish thing pickpocketing an egg, but ok maybe it is a person, who’s to say.

For a group that thinks the country has too many laws, republican senators seem to be at ease creating more laws. In H.R. 1192 Republican Representative Christopher Smith, aptly named his bill “Dismemberment Abortion Ban Act of 2017 which puts a stop to dismemberment abortion but doesn’t adequately define what it is, or maybe I missed that part. So, is it legal or not legal to dismember that swimming fish thing, inquiring minds want to know?

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Governor Carney Says no Money for Drug Death Crisis

Picture of Delaware Governor John Carney

For several years Delaware has been experiencing a growing trend in overdose related deaths. From mid-May to mid-June the state has had between 5 and 10 suspected overdose deaths. Because of this uptick trend the Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) urged Delawareans abusing drugs or who have family members abusing drugs to call a dedicated hot line to obtain help. Because of this addiction epidemic the General Assembly found it necessary to increase funding for the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.    

In May 2017 Gov. Carney signed bipartisan Senate Bill 41, House Bill 91 and 100 expanding access to substance abuse treatment for Delawareans. Ironically upon releasing his “Plan for Delaware” in January 2017 Governor Carney allocated zero funding for the drug crisis. In a press statement Gov. Carney said “we want to cut down overdose deaths but I’m not paying for it, it’s the republican’s fault, hell they’re making me want to do drugs too. And, if I have to look at Trump’s rug head one more time I will become a drug addict.”  

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HealthCare – Get Sick Now Not Later or You’re Screwed

Picture of Director of Congressional Budget Office CBO Keith Hall

Director of the Congressional Budget Office Keith Hall presented options for reducing the federal deficit from 2017 thru 2026. This December 2016 periodical report suggests many cuts to America’s health care options. These proposed cuts will slow deficit spending putting America in a better place for its future outlook.

The recommendations are to reduce Federal contributions for its employees, change Medicare cost sharing rules and restrict Medigap Insurance. Reduce Federal Payments for Medical Training and Teaching Hospitals. Limit Medical Research, impose caps on spending for Medicaid, increase premiums, increase cigarette taxes, introduce minimum out of pocket costs and limit Malpractice Claims.

In addition other proposed changes not listed above are to reduce taxes on Health Care Providers, Increase Tricare Enrollment Fees for Working Age Military Retirees, Increase Medicare Eligibility to 67 and Reduce Funding for the National Institutes of Health, Convert Medicare to Premium Support System and to Eliminate Exchange Subsidies. These are some of the proposed options for controlling America’s increasing debt and rising health care costs.

Other cuts not list here in addition to the cuts above will cause more Americans to eat their peas and other fruits and vegetables said CBO Administrators. In an initial statement after the proposed changes Keith Hall said if your income level isn’t in the top 1% you have no business getting sick. He further mentioned he forgot to add a low life and deplorable sick tax as proposed by crooked Hillary.

In a joint press conference Democrats and Republicans touted these proposed changes saying “No non wealthy American should ever get sick or have health coverage, because it’s bad for business.” Just then during the press conference a man with three eyes stood up saying this isn’t right, the proposed changes don’t work for Americans.

When a Senator turned saying what’s wrong? The man said look I have three eyes. The Senator replied, why? The man said I had surgery to fix a broken bone in my hand but they gave me a third eye instead and now I can’t sue for damage. When another Senator said, we’ll at least you can see better. The man replied, I only see shadows and shit and you look like one of the dark ones from here. More can be found at

House Republicans Disgusted with Trumps Administration

Picture of Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers R-WA 150x150

For Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA) and other party members the Republican “Six Big Ideas” plan is hanging in the balance. Amongst Trumps never ending drama Republicans see distraction as the new normal. The political climate demonstrates Congress nor can the Executive Branch accomplish much in a distraction laden environment.

In fact a republican house floor sweeper was overheard (listening device left from the Obama Administration) saying there’s a lot more shit in these corridors for me to pick up with this new administration.

Republicans want to focus on “The American Dream”, ” National Security”, “Bailouts”, “Executive Power”, “Obamacare Replacement” and “Tax Reform.” With this new agenda in hand Republicans have created a “Better Way Booklet” for all Americans to read and pledge too.

On The American Dream, Republicans want lower wage work and lower wage jobs expanded, to increase crime legislation and remove voting rights, reduce school programs, increase national debt and demand taxpayers pay for it.

On National Security, Republicans want to give more terrorists weapons, fight more proxy wars, create more terrorist threats and reduce freedom around the world.

On the Economy and Bailouts, Republicans want to remove regulations, expand coal and oil usage, increase privatizing profits and nationalizing loss, but wait there’s more, they want to increase student debt, remove net neutrality laws and change tort law to benefit corporations.

On Executive Power, Republicans want limited power when democrats are in office and expanded powers when Republicans are in office, except Donald Trump.

On Obamacare, Republicans want more sick and dying, according to an undisclosed source House Republicans can reduce the budget, improve environmental conditions by allowing more Americans to die that don’t have health coverage.

On Tax Reform, Republicans want more complexity, corporate and executive write offs, no more mortgage deductions and a flat tax. Maybe this plan is a Democrat and Republican cooperative, it resembles their actions over the last few decades? More can be found at

US Maternal Death Rates Continue Climbing

Picture of Representative Jamie Herrera Beutler

US expenses on childbirth outstrips all industrialized nations while ranking almost dead last in pregnancy death rates. Since 1987 pregnancy death rates have climbed from 7.2 to 17.8 deaths per 100,000 live births. According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) the increased pregnancy mortality rate reasons aren’t known. CDC statistics show per 100,000 live births 12.1 white women will die, 40.4 black women and 16.4 women of other races will die. Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-WA) says these numbers are appalling, no shit.

A National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities (NIH) study found location and quality of hospitals are primary drivers of black mortality rates. Some states stand out as offenders in mortality deaths. In New York and Texas if you’re black and pregnant, say your prayers, the death rate is 10-15 times higher than that of white women.

Rep. Beutler has introduced “H.R.1318-Preventing Maternal Deaths Act of 2017” in order to stave off this growing pregnancy death crisis. The bill is bipartisan aiming to establish Maternal Mortality Review Committees (MMRC’s) in every state. MMRC’s will streamline state data collection efforts, conduct root cause analysis for identified issues and identify funding sources needed to implement recommendations. More can be found at

Curbelo is smoking wacky stuff again and it’s not legal yet

Representative Carlos Curbelo applauds delay of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) by Republicans.  In a video statement Curbelo mentions “Our country deserves a healthcare system that puts patients first. That’s my goal.” Sounds good, what about a single payer system or maybe changes allowing for government negotiations for drug pricing or removing profitability from our healthcare system or dismantling the employer based health care system? Still blowing smoke, more can be found at

Alaskan Governor Bill Walker scolds Trumps American Health Care Act (AHCA)

Governor Walker gives laundry list of data concluding AHCA is bad for Alaskans. Walker, has been applauded for taking a tuff stance against the president on this issue. However, Alaskans are confused, Walker closed his statement with “We’re ready to work towards putting a plan in place to ensure health coverage for all citizens”. Sounds good, but by leaving the Affordable Care Act intact without changes, can the statement be viewed as sincere? More can be found at

Vice President Mike Pence scolds Obamacare in Florida

The coffin of Obamacare is almost closed; Dracula soon will be no more. Everyday evil Obamacare inflicts suffering on America’s people and businesses.  I want America and Floridians to know this administration hears the cries of your suffering. Just last year millions lost their health coverage across the country, we’ll help them find their lost plans.

Across the country over 20% of counties have one health care provider, that’s not choice unless you’re a tinker toy that does what you’re told without questioning injustice. The country nor Floridians can no longer afford Obamacare, this administration will put a stop to it.

The purse strings on Obamacare will be cut, we’re going to repeal related taxes, end mandates and penalties. More choices, health savings accounts, tax credits, block grants will be the springboard to better health, leading to more choices and lower costs for America’s people and it’s businesses.

We’re putting an end to state sponsored expanding Medicaid across the country, which burdens future generations and weakens our countries future. With the option of block grants states will create programs that work for business and consumers, creating a win win for the country’s economic condition.

Lastly, there will be a work requirement for low life’s in all states.  This requirement will ensure health care coverage is there for those that need it most while controlling costs. This plan won’t be easy to implement, that’s why we’re here, to do the tuff things that need doing, that’s why you the American people unanimously elected this administration. More can be found at

Chairman Diane Black espouses Greatness of the American Health Care Act (AHCA)

Picture of Chairman Diane Black

Chairman Black says the AHCA is close to coverage perfection, that it’s light years better than Obamacare. I wonder if she’s in the market to by a bridge? She goes on to say individuals will be able to buy the perfect plan that meets their needs at a price they can afford. Is she talking about millionaires only, I’m sure she’s not talking about main street? Lastly, she says Obamacare wasn’t affordable nor provided quality care, mostly true, does she think the AHCA does? If so, I now have a bridge and spaceship she can buy at a reduced cost. More can be found at

President Trump denounces Obamacare during Make America Great Again Rally in Nashville, Tennessee

“I want to massively cut taxes so bad it hurts, you wouldn’t believe where it hurts.  Just believe me when I say it hurts.  Cutting taxes is on the back burner.  First I have to deal with evil Obamacare that’s sucking the life out of our country, it is, it really is, it’s unbelievable.

If we leave Obamacare in place billions and billions including deplorables (sound familiar) will lose their health care coverage, this isn’t acceptable, the horror story must end and this I vow to do for America’s businesses and the American people.  Why should democrats be allowed to rape the country when out of power? Not on my watch, they’re the little guys, they’re marching behind a new sheriff that’s going to make American Great Again”.

The Presidents rhetoric was feisty, non-apologetic and straight to the point and the crowd loved it.  More can be found at

President Trump meets with tortured at the stake victims of Obamacare

Business owner John Bullwinkle of Hartford has had his family’s medical insurance plan cancelled three times by various insurance providers since Obamacare became law. Cynthia Noluc of Kansas experienced triple digit premium increases to her health care plan each year since the implementation of Obamacare. Jack Less of Beatty Minnesota watched costs of his workers compensation plan increase from $ 10,000 per year to over $ 100,000 per year.

Ray Nomr opted to pay the Obamacare penalty versus buying insurance costing six times his previous rate. Ryan Dazeez of Wyoming was dropped by his insurance company, no other companies will sign him unless he purchases and carries catastrophic coverage which costs more than his annual salary. Jenny Syphilis of Los Vegas can’t get insurance unless she changes her last name.    

According to sources once the President, Vice President and Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price heard these stories, they immediately began to cry and made a pact to repeal and replace Obamacare immediately. More can be found at

The President Remarks in an Affordable Care Act (ACA – Obamacare) bashing session at the Whitehouse

Spinster President Donald Trump

Counties all over the country are reduced to having one insurer choice for the region. A stark contrast to previous statements such as “You’ll be able to pick your plan and the doctor you want” as mentioned by the previous administration. For many Americans reality is you don’t pick your doctor and you don’t pick your plan.

According to the president “Billions and billions of Americans lost their plans and doctors through Obamacare, while the same people and many more, many many more have seen their premiums increase by triple digits. This isn’t the broken system they signed up for, I’m here to fix their Obamacare crisis, it is a crisis, a serious crisis, it’s bad, I’m going to improve healthcare for all, trust me it’s going to be better, much better, you’ll like it, I mean really like it, it’s going to be great” said the President.

According to the president the American Health Care Act (AHCA) will create plans no one has thought about, not even insurance companies, everyone will be pleased, including insurers and insurance consumers. AHCA has been described as the Obamacare killer, Republicans and the President stress it’ll provide citizens with more choices at lower costs.

GOP lawmakers and the President believe they are putting themselves in harms way by appealing and replacing Obamacare before its supporters see it crumble. The President repeatedly warned Republicans repealing Obamacare before implosion will leave Republicans on the hook for destroying healthcare when it’s the ACA and democrats that deserve credit for destroying healthcare.

The president recommends Republicans do nothing with the ACA for a year, choosing to let it crumble on its own weight, allowing democrats to take full blame for healthcare failure. Once failure occurs the president suggests only then should republicans implement replacement legislation. This recommendation is risky for Republicans, the President and most of all the American people. More can be found at

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) completes review of The American Health Care Act (AHCA), saying there will be cost savings but millions more will be left uninsured

CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) which is a nonpartisan committee of Congress established in 1926 released their findings after reviewing the AHCA.  CBO and JCT estimate the AHCA will reduce federal deficits by $337 billion within the next decade while increasing uninsured levels by 24 million.

The estimated projections are based on Medicaid, non-group market, employment based market and various other changes. It’s projected reductions in coverage will result from folks opting out of insurance due to removal of the penalty requirement, while others will opt out due to higher premiums.

CBO and JCT explain key to insurance market stability will be subsidies for insurance purchase, grants to states from the Patient and State Stability Fund, which will reduce costs to insurers of people with existing and preexisting conditions. People with existing conditions are usually older and sicker and can expect premium increases from age-rating rule changes.

According to the president “This is a great day for America, a great day, what a great day it really is; it’s so unbelievable, unbelievable. I’m delivering on a promise to the American people. I’m putting America first while giving my constituents what they want and eliminating that terrible Obamacare legacy, it’s really terrible, terrible, I mean really bad”. More can be found at

Representative Tim Walz apparently only seeks Law Maker input regarding the American Health Care Act (AHCA) for his district

Picture of Congressman Tim Walz

Democrat Tim Walz seeks input from constituents on his website. There’s a link to a 123 page legalized PDF document. There’s no summary or explanation of a document only law makers could decipher. The site goes on to ask constituents for their comments after reading the document. Here’s a comment, interpretation please. Constituents and I are left wandering if the Representative really wants feedback on the AHCA or not? More can be found at