Governor Scott Sticks it to Taxpayers Again

Picture Florida Governor Rick Scott

House Bill 155, better known as the “docs vs glocks” bill from 2011 prohibited doctors from talking to their patients about guns or gun safety. Medical privacy was one of the primary drivers for enacting HB 155 according to Floridian law makers. Under the terms of HB 155 a licensed health care facility or practitioner could not enter into a conversation discussing firearms, firearm safety, ammunition and more used by a patient or any relatives.

So, if a patient needs holes plugged from a firearm incident the doctors responsibility was only to plug the holes keeping the patient alive so that more holes could be made at a future date. Tired of bearing the brunt of this law Florida doctors and medical organizations sued to overturn HB 155. Through successful litigation HB 155 has finally been overturned (July 2017) with Florida Governor Rick Scott agreeing to reimbursing the doctor and medical organizations attorneys.

In his office talking to the press after the decision, the governor pointed to a bust of his cousins foot, saying I want to tell yawl a story. While out hunting my cousin accidentally shot his foot off. Upon feeling the searing pain he accidently released another round, hitting his wife, dislodging one of her breasts. Seeing, her breast flying away, she screamed in horror lost her balance & plunged face first into a strangers groin lodging two teeth in his private part.

Upon returning home the man’s wife shot him for loss of consortium. According to Governor Scott “had this law not been overturned everyone would of thought twice about their part in this tale, as they would of been shot for retribution not stupidity & for that the governor said this law needs to be overturned”.

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