Frankenstein Apples are ready for Consumption

Picture of Goofy Apple

Deregulated Enzymatic Browning Resistance Arctic Apple that glows in your stomach not in your hands will be called the Arctic Fuji apple or you can refer to it as the NF872 when it hits store shelf’s. The “Apple Event” will convert the current Arctic Golden Apple also known as the GD743 and the GS784 to this new Arctic Apple that kills insects, burns storage bags, sinks ocean transport ships and downs cargo aircraft but most of all is known to be safe for human consumption, right?

Let’s say this together but don’t hold your breath, this apple is made of Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of the cultivar with a binary vector. These ingredients sure sounds scrumptious doesn’t it? Oh yeah, I almost forgot the apple contains a binary vector containing a chimeric PPO suppression transgene made of four members of the actual Frankenstein monster. This delightful ingredients list is making me hungry. I need to know where can I pick up a bag of these Frankenstein apples?

One more thing, you’ll be happy to know Agronomic evaluations show no differences in morphology for these apples. Stop it, I can’t take it, I need to eat one now. In Great Britain American food is often referred to as Franken Food, I wonder why? By the way Franken food or Genetically Modified food has been known to cause cancer. More can be found at and at