Electronic Weaponry Advances Guarantees no Peace

Picture of Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis

To a hammer everything looks like a nail, as the U.S. improves its weaponry the inclination for conflict, imperialism, moral interference, perceived threats, superiority beliefs, trampling sovereign nations rights and more will continue to increase. This increasing warfare state, continues to expand as congress is impotent & the Executive Branch sees global events as nails waiting to be hammered.

In this latest technology improvement welcome to the Mobile High Energy Laser (MEHEL) System, which has been greatly improved since the 2015 version which was at 2kW power, here in 2017 it’s now at an astounding 5kW of power. MEHEL will destroy both Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) & ground targets without bullets or sound & can be controlled from a distance making warfare easier.

MEHEL, Anti-UAV Defense System & the Hunter/Killer System are new state of art systems created in part to take out combatant UAS’s and to enhance remote waring capabilities. On the flip side of the UAS coin, the Army Research Laboratory has created a hybrid drone that hovers like a helicopter & while in flight can tilt its wings and begin to fly like a jet mimicking the capabilities of the V-22 Osprey.

With a bigger war hammer, increased defense budget & the war powers act, hardliners, defense contractors & big business are salivating at the endless possibilities for conflict. In fact, in an alleged statement Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis was overheard saying “we need to grow our military ranks because it’s vital we prepare for the upcoming wars we’re going to create. We’ll stir up the masses saying everyone’s a threat and that we must follow the Bush doctrine (preemptive strikes). Our gullible population should fall for this as they’re dumb as bricks”.

More can be found at https://www.army.mil/article/190401/experimental_drone_transforms_in_flight and at https://www.army.mil/article/186025/with_no_bullets_mobile_high_energy_laser_shoots_drones_from_sky