Lucky residents avoid city dump as neighbor

Picture of Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller

Edith Transfer Station had become the divisive topic of the town in Albuquerque New Mexico. Because local residents and lawmakers have been in term oil for years over the government’s proposal to place a drop off garbage station in the North Valley of Albuquerque near residents homes. Even though property values would surely fall lawmakers justified the proposal saying it would save thousands or millions of dollars with this move.

In the proposal trash trucks would bring their waste, dump it at the site, the trash would remain there until transported to its final resting location in Colorado. City officials maintained the site would not be a dump but a holding station, they further maintained there would be a convenience center for residents, lawmakers were hoping this little benefit would prompt some residents to say sounds good go ahead & put the dump next to my house, but that was delusional thinking.

While still in a delusional state, lawmakers told residents the site will help prevent illegal dumping, will be closed on major holidays, also trucks will avoid using the site during rush hour traffic, what a bonus, it’s almost too real to believe. However, as a new major came to oversee the project, doubt set in & the major decided to scrap the project. Residents were ecstatic until they heard the dump will be approved for another neighborhood. In an alleged press conference Major Tim Keller told reporters the site will house hazardous materials, we need to move those near low lives because we’re making America great again.

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