Governor Carney Says no Money for Drug Death Crisis

Picture of Delaware Governor John Carney

For several years Delaware has been experiencing a growing trend in overdose related deaths. From mid-May to mid-June the state has had between 5 and 10 suspected overdose deaths. Because of this uptick trend the Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) urged Delawareans abusing drugs or who have family members abusing drugs to call a dedicated hot line to obtain help. Because of this addiction epidemic the General Assembly found it necessary to increase funding for the Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.    

In May 2017 Gov. Carney signed bipartisan Senate Bill 41, House Bill 91 and 100 expanding access to substance abuse treatment for Delawareans. Ironically upon releasing his “Plan for Delaware” in January 2017 Governor Carney allocated zero funding for the drug crisis. In a press statement Gov. Carney said “we want to cut down overdose deaths but I’m not paying for it, it’s the republican’s fault, hell they’re making me want to do drugs too. And, if I have to look at Trump’s rug head one more time I will become a drug addict.”  

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