More Drone Public Surveillance Authorized

Picture of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

In America Government Drone (unmanned aircraft) use for surveillance has grown exponentially over the past decade under the guise of making the public safe. In the founding of the nation Benjamin Franklin was quoted in summary to say “those willing to give up liberty for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”.

This quote has served as the rallying cry for those opposed to increased government spying censorship & the weakening of 4th amendment rights which protect the citizenry from unreasonable searches and seizures by government. In a challenge to expanding government surveillance the 1989 Supreme Court case Florida v. Riley, saw the court hand over to law enforcement the right to spy on citizens from public airspaces without warrants or justification.

Across America the federal government has hundreds of drone programs taking pictures of citizens as they move around in their daily lives. But it’s not only the federal government, it’s also local, county, city, state and unincorporated government agencies creating and expanding local law enforcement and business drone programs further eroding 4th amendment rights.

As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo held a press conference to espouse the benefits of his expanded drone program a reporter asked “where does the spying end and begin, why is it ok to spy on citizens lounging in their back yard or sitting on the couch in the privacy of their homes, no one expects drones to be viewing them from the skies, why is this ok?” asked the reporter.

Cuomo, stared at the reporter without speaking, perplexed the reporter said what’s wrong are you going to respond to my question? Just then Cuomo said you look familiar, is your name Michael, the reporter smiled with confidence replying “yes” it is. Cuomo furthered your nick name is Tiny Tim, the reporter turned red, put his head down replying that’s what my wife calls me. Cuomo, laughed saying I saw a video of you & your wife on your couch several days ago, now our drones can listen in & read lips, she calls you Tiny Tim because she can’t find it sometimes.

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Government & Industry Perfect Spying on Citizens

Picture of FAA Administrator Michael Huerta

October 2017 the administration launched an initiative to increase public surveillance with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones. This initiative opts to partner the federal government with private industry, state, local & tribal governments to improve techniques for unconstitutional public spying. Strategically by allocating federal dollars to local jurisdictions the administration is hoping to get (greedy) onboard states & local governments to write laws that further the administrations citizen surveillance goals.

The program intends to improve line of site surveillance & remote sensing techniques. This new total surveillance world will be implemented under the auspices of protecting the public. On the legal side of this increased spying, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does not regulate how UAS gathers data on people or property, leaving citizens with few rights to oppose the data warehousing of personal facial, behavioral or social information.

By partnering with companies such as SZ DJI Technology a China based company and one of the largest manufacturers of UAS, a citizen could find their entire personal portfolio in any government’s data warehouse without any rights or knowledge of such records. In an alleged board meeting Michael Huerta the FAA Administrator communicated the government & private industry can package & use gathered consumer data as new profitable products, changing consumers into products to be exploited.

Huerta, continued “citizens not wanting personal data exploited will pay a sum to have their records omitted & every year they’ll have to repay again to maintain that privacy. This is a win win for us, we’ll profit off of packaging their data, and we’ll leak some information prompting citizens of leaked data to pay for the removal of such data”. Continuing, “this is what the dumb public deserves, they should be exploited, as they don’t even vote in their own best interest, their dummies and deserve this treatment”.

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Electronic Weaponry Advances Guarantees no Peace

Picture of Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis

To a hammer everything looks like a nail, as the U.S. improves its weaponry the inclination for conflict, imperialism, moral interference, perceived threats, superiority beliefs, trampling sovereign nations rights and more will continue to increase. This increasing warfare state, continues to expand as congress is impotent & the Executive Branch sees global events as nails waiting to be hammered.

In this latest technology improvement welcome to the Mobile High Energy Laser (MEHEL) System, which has been greatly improved since the 2015 version which was at 2kW power, here in 2017 it’s now at an astounding 5kW of power. MEHEL will destroy both Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) & ground targets without bullets or sound & can be controlled from a distance making warfare easier.

MEHEL, Anti-UAV Defense System & the Hunter/Killer System are new state of art systems created in part to take out combatant UAS’s and to enhance remote waring capabilities. On the flip side of the UAS coin, the Army Research Laboratory has created a hybrid drone that hovers like a helicopter & while in flight can tilt its wings and begin to fly like a jet mimicking the capabilities of the V-22 Osprey.

With a bigger war hammer, increased defense budget & the war powers act, hardliners, defense contractors & big business are salivating at the endless possibilities for conflict. In fact, in an alleged statement Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis was overheard saying “we need to grow our military ranks because it’s vital we prepare for the upcoming wars we’re going to create. We’ll stir up the masses saying everyone’s a threat and that we must follow the Bush doctrine (preemptive strikes). Our gullible population should fall for this as they’re dumb as bricks”.

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Technology Drones/Robots and More War

Picture of Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis

There are drones that can launch from moving objects, track various movements and targets, protect perimeters, orbit targets, monitor threats and more. In fact, there are drones that swarm and work together like bees, who change their contributions according to the need of the swarm. Essentially, when members of the swarm can no longer perform their duties other drones change their tactics to cover the lost drone’s activities.

There are robots that carry pistols, move freely up & down stairs, can move undetected just like a thief in the night and send reconnaissance pictures while being undetected. In stealth mode, these robots or artificial intelligence (AI) bots can choose & neutralize (kill) targets while being controlled from afar. Welcome to ThunderDrone an event sponsored by Special Operations Command (SOCOM), who chaired & led a prototyping, demonstration event to test robotic & drone limitations and capabilities.

This event held in Ybor City, Florida lasted for over a month, it partnered the military with private industry & academia. Other missions of the event were to allow the military to leverage private technologies with military use. The Department of Defense (DOD) Strategic Capabilities Office, along with the Army Rapid Capabilities Office (RCO) and the Science, Technology, Research and Accelerated Capabilities Division of the Army Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC) saw great promise in the improved drone & robotics technologies.

RCO is tasked with seeking & bringing in new promising technologies that are likely to meet field commander’s needs. Often the technologies at events such as this are predecessors of more advanced future technologies. During this event thru synergy the teams managed to overcome the challenge of resupplying drone power while in flight. ┬áBecause of the positive feedback SOCOM is planning two more similar events for 2018 to be at the SOFWERX facility in Florida.

While talking to field commanders and private industry participants Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis could allegedly be herd saying “our peaceful drone & robotics programs should not give anyone pause as our intentions are wholesome, I mean we’re the good guys, everyone should trust us, I don’t understand why they don’t, it’s so confusing”. Just then as Mattis was concluding an employee of a private firm said what about the innocent people killed by our drones, Mattis replied “they’re all mistakes – we can’t be held accountable for errors”, when the employee laughed & said do you think two more scheduled events is enough, Mattis chimed in, “no we’ll schedule more, we need to work on our excuses too”.

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