Department of Injustice Wants to Seize Your Cash

Picture of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

In a press conference U.S. Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions mentioned he will give a new directive to his department to increase police seizures. The policy is better known as “asset forfeiture”. The policy is supposed to target drug lords, gangsters and more. However, in reality the program targets the poor, incarcerates those that can’t make bail for illegal or wrong arrests and makes the legal system another for profit institution.

Many politicians and law enforcement officials question the asset forfeiture program, saying it turns law enforcement officials into criminals. The practice has been shown to disproportionately affect the poor, refugees and minorities. While costing arrestees all of their property and cash while not being found guilty in a court of law for the crimes they’re accused of. In addition, this practice leaves few victims with redress as most cannot financially hope to match the resources of the government in a legal battle.

Now in many states law enforcement personal are allowed to keep some of the cash obtained from wood be criminals during seizures. Off the record many law enforcement officers say they saw themselves as law enforcement officers, whose duty was to uphold just laws. However, now many see themselves as criminals pretending to be law enforcement officers. In a final message to the department Mr. Sessions said feel free to screw the woman, take the guys cash and save a cut for me, my kids are in college, I need the money.  

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