Comptroller Nails Perpetrators with Talk

Picture of Justin-Wilson-Comptroller-Tennessee

Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury Justin Wilson headed an investigation into the University of Tennessee, Knoxville Sports Management Office. The comptroller’s office was tipped off as to University staff alleged misdoings by the University’s Department of Audit and Compliance. Results of the investigation revealed several violations of University policies regarding trips, request for quotes, accepting gifts and more.

Throughout the country investigations have revealed many similar abuses in university sporting programs. Proponents of school sport programs argue this is how the industry operates & that it can’t be changed while detractors take a hard stance on punishing perpetrators and the businesses that seek favors. In this case hundreds of thousands are involved, while in other cases the numbers are in the millions. Typically, even though school rules are broken and trust lost, jobs and positional privileges are rarely lost by perpetrators leaving many to ask, what’s the point in overturning rule violations when there are no consequences?

In an alleged press conference Comptroller Justin Wilson told alumni, the press and school officials, it makes sense not to punish the guilty they’re just having fun with their positions and he would like permission to do the same. Stunned officials looked in horror, began to laugh saying yeah we’ve neglected ourselves for too long. Asking why don’t you arrange one of those big party giveaways, there’s plenty of bribe money, girls and tax dollars to go around, let’s get it while we can, what do you say? Think about this, if we get caught we’ll get recommended for periodic employee training, it’s a win -win.

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