NRDC & PANNA Win Pesticide Battle, U.S. Citizens Lose

Picture of Scott Pruitt EPA Administrator

Poisonous food will be served to American Citizens as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) bows to lobbyist power. To be fair, the FDA takes its lead from the administration, in this case the lead is to allow a documented cancer causing pesticide into the food chain. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA) successfully (allegedly) lobbied to have a likely disastrous FDA decision delayed to 2022.

With administration support the NRDC & PANNA were destined to get the delay they requested. With this decision Chlorpyrifos will be allowed to remain in the food chain despite its known cancerous effects. For years battles have been fought to get this and other pesticides out of the U.S. food chain. This was to be the year Chlorpyrifos would go down in flames. Instead, its found a new life in this FDA and administration.

When asked about the harm Chlorpyrifos is doing to current & future generations the FDA has been remarkably silent. However, Scott Pruitt the FDA Administrator has found the courage to speak with reporters. When asked is he aware of the harmful effects Chlorpyrifos is having on the population, Pruitt replied “Fuck’em we need jobs”. He continued, “the poor have a special immunity to cancerous chemicals therefore protection isn’t needed”.

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