Laughable – Carbon Fiber Strips to Reinforce Bridges

Picture of Bridge

Arizona has made the executive decision to strengthen failing bridges with carbon fiber strips. This fix once applied removes designated structurally deficient bridges from the growing list of bridges in need of repairs. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has chosen to use carbon fiber strips as the tool for fixing ailing bridges. While other states have opted to use carbon fiber as a sleeve of reinforcement versus using it in strips but this technique is in its infancy.

When applying carbon fiber strips to bridges, workers literally wall paper fiber to the existing bridge of course in an aesthetically pleasing manner. And that’s it, they’re done. This makes for a shiny bridge but not an instantly structurally sound bridge. When viewed the bridges appear to be in good shape, but are they? This wall paper technique has been applied to two bridges near the I-17 corridor. During my planned trip to Arizona I’ll be sure to miss the 19th Avenue & Jefferson Street bridges at the I-17 corridor this way I’ll be sure a safe return from my trip.

In its news release an ADOT Senior Bridge Engineer said the fiber strips enhance bridge safety while saving tax pay dollars; just don’t ask me to use either bridge. When asked why won’t you use either bridge when they’ve been certified as up to code. The engineer replied, they’re up to code for common folks, not government officials. Peasant standards are to be applied to commoners, so use the bridges at your convenience. Remember, when I and other government officials travel our enhanced GPS systems reroutes our convoys around peasant bridges and structures so we’re not damaged while we govern. Keep in mind losers need to be treated as losers; it’s the law of man.

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