Cotton Quality to Improve, Public Pays, Corps Profit

Picture of USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue

For over a decade U.S. farmers have been looking for ways to level the field when it comes to cotton exporting and importing. From 2006 thru 2015 U.S. cotton exports decreased while imports increased coming from nations such as China, Vietnam and Bangladesh. U.S. farmers and the farming industry place the blame for this change on employees. They claim wages are too high to be competitive against foreign cotton imports.

Because of this perceived constraint, the farming industry has spent this past decade working on improving cottons environmental potency, by testing ways to improve its yield and to make it more resistant to environmental changes, easier to grow and easier to cultivate without human intervention by modifying its DNA. In a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Research, Education & Economics Information System (REEIS) document summary the responsibility of creating improved cotton should rest with public institutions.

Many politicians agree with this sentiment, publicize losses and privatize profits. This phenomenon was made clear during the great recession of 2008, when businesses were dubbed too big to fail requiring taxpayer bailouts to survive. Many politicians suggest this is how many industries have survived & grown thru pubic intervention, making America great. In a press conference USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue said we sent the immigrants home, now we need cotton that’ll pick itself. Taxpayers should pay for this, because with further development the new cotton may wash itself saving them money.

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Severe Weather Events Coming to a Town near You

Picture of Lady Caught in Storm

The federal government over the past few decades has conducted many studies on earth’s changing climate. These studies include Atmospheric Science Work, Meteorological Research, Environmental Pollution Panels, Weather and Climate Modification Panels and more. In fact, during the Vietnam War of the 1970s, the U.S. government experimented with artificial rainmaking to be used as a weapon against the Vietnamese army.

Since the turn of the century the government has acknowledged global warming, charted the trends and made predictions on outcomes. Some of its conclusions are obvious, such as a warmer climate, increased rain, more intense storms, reduction of old weather patterns with introductions of new patterns across the globe. The government also concludes there will be more war as regions fight for dwindling resources, famine and drought. Economically, the government predicts there will be economic winners & losers as nations fight to maintain themselves.

The Department of Defense (DOD) estimates climate change will affect its infrastructure to the tune of almost one trillion dollars. This figure does not speak to other governmental agencies. In further analysis the government goes on to say money must be budgeted to help the government replenish infrastructure and to help businesses with lost revenue and property. Sounds good, but what about the little guy paying for all of this needed funding.

Governmental mitigation plans suggest large federal budgets be created & maintained to ensure the government can adequately deal with situations as they arise and to replenish business loss. In fact, there are several mentions of reimbursing businesses for possible & likely losses in the coming climate change scenarios. However, there is no mention of taxpayers and their potential losses, and why should there be? Taxpayers are dumb as stumps, fight each other at every turn, get distracted easily and generally want to be taken advantage of. Just ask the political party leaders.

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Lowered Hazardous Pipeline Standards Ok’d

Picture PHMSA Director

For generations the U.S. has used steel pipelines to move liquid hazardous materials into, out of and across the country. These steel pipeline networks have been the preferred technology for moving hazardous liquids because of steels ability to operate under high pressure. Ultimately, allowing great amounts of material to be moved across large land masses in short periods of time with little incidence.

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) directed by Howard Mac McMillan claims over 95% of the nation’s federally regulated hazardous pipes are constructed of steel. However, this trend is changing as the costs of using plastic makes it the new idea conveyor of hazardous materials in today’s pipe systems. Because of this PHMSA has come up with a methodology for “Risk Ranking” installed pipeline systems and gives recommendations regarding cathodic protections for continued pipeline maintenance.

PHMSA has publicly stated our methodology for testing pipeline systems isn’t scientific or documented. One must wonder is this meant to give contractors the green light to neglect safety. Telling contractors there’s no watchdog regulating hazardous pipe installation can’t be the brightest move for consumer protections. PHMSA goes on to tell the industry they haven’t used any data to verify their methodology as sound and a good practice. Because of this peculiar position the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has been asked to intervene. In a GAO report to Congress the Department of Transportation (DOT) is identified as the agency responsible for inspecting the pipeline industry and ensuring safety regulations are adhered to.

The summary in the Congressional report by the GAO recommends PHMSA documents and uses data to test the effectiveness of its methodology for testing pipeline systems. What a brainstorm, the report probably cost tax payers several millions of dollars. With government geniuses like this why is America out looking for enemies when they’re already here?

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Boston Bright Ideas Scheme takes Scalps

Picture of Boston Mayor Martin Walsh

Rentsmart, Boston 2030, Analyze Boston, Imagine Boston, City Score & the Open Source toolkit are Government programs and initiatives designed to enhance the Bostonian experience. Officials such as Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, City Inspectional Services, Department of Innovation & Technology, Governor Charlie Baker, State Legislature and many others have conspired to improve Boston’s outlook. Recent and future changes are designed to address the city’s pain points. Such as immigration, health coverage, housing shortages, transportation safety, ever increasing higher education costs, stagnant wages, incarceration, failing schools and more.

With the stroke of his pen Mayor Walsh increased his 2018 budget to fund initiatives designed to overcome city challenges. This includes programs such as the implementation of the new default 25 mph speed limit. Meaning, if speed limit signs aren’t posted, drivers are to assume a speed limit of 25 mph thus avoiding traffic citations. How convenient, for the city and law enforcement, score one for the officials and zero for Joe public.

In a speech Mayor Walsh mentioned how he passed a new Lamborghini that was stalling & creeping up a big incline while adhering to the new speed limit. The mayor continued he was on crutches and still passed the vehicle. After arriving at his destination, then returning to the same route the mayor noticed the Lamborghini hasn’t made much progress. Just then he said to the owner don’t you feel safer & less rushed? When the driver turned, looked him dead in the eye & said please step in front of my vehicle.

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FBI Moves to Strengthen Reduce Homegrown Terrorism

Picture of George Selim of CVE Task Force

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) homegrown terrorism is around the corner in every American city. In a “Combating Homegrown Extremism” report (July 2017) according to Chairman Ron DeSantis the U.S. is experiencing dramatic homegrown terrorism growth. Because of this perceived threat due diligence, 24 hour legal & illegal surveillance is needed to keep Americans safe (allegedly). In the pursuit of keeping Americans safe programs such as “Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), “Campus Liaison Initiative” (CLI), “Private Sector Liaison” (PSI), “Corrections Initiative” (CI) and others have been created to assist the FBI in its efforts to reduce homegrown terrorism.

Currently, there are FBI homegrown terrorism investigations underway in every state of the union. Constant investigations & surveillance has created tension & communication breakdowns in many immigrant communities. To combat the tensions law enforcement including the FBI has opted to use “Outreach Coordinators” and/or “Joint Terrorism Task Force” (JTTF) specialists to smooth relations with at risk communities. In a speech Director George Selim who leads the “Office Community Partnership” (OCP) on behalf of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) claims tensions are rising. He also noted community leaders are concerned terrorism & lawlessness are growing in their appeal to immigrants & the young to the detriment of their communities.

In an effort to appeal to immigrant & impressionable young, cookie day will be held every Friday to keep the young from becoming terrorists. After being falsely accused, arrested and/or detained without ever being charged, the accused will be allowed to bake cakes, ice skate & eat ice cream, demonstrating law enforcement’s good will. While many immigrants & the young will have bruising from their arrests they will be allowed to put ice cream on their bruises, this kind act will keep those young from converting to terrorists? With one eye laying on the floor and the other closed from interrogation, an immigrant with two scoops of ice cream in his bleeding hands said “I just watched the best movie with my girlfriend, even though I could only see silhouettes of people – I loved it, to show my gratitude I’ll never become a terrorist concluded the young man.

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Arbitrations End Alarms Politicians

Picture of Senator Tom Cotton

For years consumers, consumer advocate groups & bipartisan politicians have sought to remove binding contractual Arbitration Agreement power from corporations. The practice has reduced consumer power to litigate with big business and in turn has given corporations legal advantage over the citizenry in disputes. One of the latest pushes for change was the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) proposed rule (May 2016) to eliminate arbitration agreements between corporations and customers in specific areas of business & services.

The proposed Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) part 1040 will restrict provider’s rights to include arbitration requirements in its contracts with consumers. Which is a move many think will restore the balance of power between corporations and its customers. On its final ruling July 2017 the CFPB has made the proposed restrictions law. The change has angered many politicians including the Acting Comptroller of the Currency Keith Noreika and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton.

In a press release Tom Cotton “said consumers need no rights, my buddies in their corporate offices are doing a fine job rewarding me”. He further added, “I acknowledge the law has its supporters but they’re do-gooders, there’s no place for them in congress. We need businesses to keep ripping of consumers this is how wealth & jobs are created”. A valid concern of Senator Cotton is that the CFPB doesn’t get its funding from Congress which is the main tool used by Congress to keep control of government bureaucracies.

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Is Rat Infestations the New Normal?

Picture of NY Mayor Bill de Blasio

New York, Virginia, Maryland, Milwaukee and other states are experiencing rampant pest growth. Pests such as rats, cockroaches, mice, snakes & more are propagating without constraint in many cities across the country. This growth is happening to the detriment of renters, landlords, governments & their economies. The Census Bureau has obtained infestation information from homeowners and tenants from the administering of its American Housing Survey.

The Survey speaks to over 10% of households saying within the past year they’ve seen signs that rodents are present. With many states and cities having twice the percentage of citizens seeing signs of infestation. Because of this many jurisdictions are implementing rodent reduction programs. In New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is committing $32 million towards rodent reduction efforts.

Across the country cities are acting with a sense of urgency, as the number of citizens contracting Leptospirosis (Lepto) a bacterial disease caused by animal urine is growing. Lepto has been documented to take one life and endanger other lives. Lepto doesn’t spread from human to human, however given time it may jump species. This reality has given many politicians the incentive to budget money for the eradication of this growing infestation.

In a press conference Mayor de Blasio said many poor are losing benefits in the current political climate, maybe they (the poor) can be convinced to share room & board with rodents removing the pests from more affluent areas. As reporters took in his statement, de Blasio added maybe we should build a wall around the poor restricting the vermin to living with the sick & under represented. After all, these people are used to abuse and famine, also now’s the time for these needy people to contribute. We need to make this country great again off the back of these poor people, why would they think anything has changed? In fact, I want to put exploitation on overdrive until this problem is eliminated, said the mayor.

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Laughable – Carbon Fiber Strips to Reinforce Bridges

Picture of Bridge

Arizona has made the executive decision to strengthen failing bridges with carbon fiber strips. This fix once applied removes designated structurally deficient bridges from the growing list of bridges in need of repairs. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has chosen to use carbon fiber strips as the tool for fixing ailing bridges. While other states have opted to use carbon fiber as a sleeve of reinforcement versus using it in strips but this technique is in its infancy.

When applying carbon fiber strips to bridges, workers literally wall paper fiber to the existing bridge of course in an aesthetically pleasing manner. And that’s it, they’re done. This makes for a shiny bridge but not an instantly structurally sound bridge. When viewed the bridges appear to be in good shape, but are they? This wall paper technique has been applied to two bridges near the I-17 corridor. During my planned trip to Arizona I’ll be sure to miss the 19th Avenue & Jefferson Street bridges at the I-17 corridor this way I’ll be sure a safe return from my trip.

In its news release an ADOT Senior Bridge Engineer said the fiber strips enhance bridge safety while saving tax pay dollars; just don’t ask me to use either bridge. When asked why won’t you use either bridge when they’ve been certified as up to code. The engineer replied, they’re up to code for common folks, not government officials. Peasant standards are to be applied to commoners, so use the bridges at your convenience. Remember, when I and other government officials travel our enhanced GPS systems reroutes our convoys around peasant bridges and structures so we’re not damaged while we govern. Keep in mind losers need to be treated as losers; it’s the law of man.

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V.A. Transparency Questions Hiring Practices

Picture of VA Secretary David Shulkin

In an effort to displace negative press surrounding the Veterans Administration (VA) Trump appointee Secretary David Shulkin has been hard at work creating a culture of transparency, accountability and cluelessness within the Veterans Administration. After many hours of reviewing the VA’s mission, goals and objectives Shulkin and other officials decided an adverse employee action list would suffice to fix the agencies transparency and image woes.

The action list highlights questionable hiring practices. In fact, the list starkly resembles a prison rap sheet based on its inhabitants. The list reveals VA actions towards employee transgressions. Upon review of the list one cannot help but wonder why there are so many disciplinary actions. If the VA were only hiring convicts the actions would be understandable. But all new hires are interviewed and vetted, so why are such a high level of disciplinary actions needed?   

According to Secretary Shulkin highlighting disciplinary actions is intended to be a small step in the direction he wants to take the administration. It’s widely agreed this is a small step, in fact so small there isn’t a name for such a small measure. When addressing colleagues and his workforce Shulkin said “my fellow convicts and employee convicts, we must pretend and continue pretending we want improvement. All our image woes are because of you the employee, not leadership, that’s why I’m getting a bonus and you’re getting the shaft”.  

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Department of Injustice Wants to Seize Your Cash

Picture of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

In a press conference U.S. Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions mentioned he will give a new directive to his department to increase police seizures. The policy is better known as “asset forfeiture”. The policy is supposed to target drug lords, gangsters and more. However, in reality the program targets the poor, incarcerates those that can’t make bail for illegal or wrong arrests and makes the legal system another for profit institution.

Many politicians and law enforcement officials question the asset forfeiture program, saying it turns law enforcement officials into criminals. The practice has been shown to disproportionately affect the poor, refugees and minorities. While costing arrestees all of their property and cash while not being found guilty in a court of law for the crimes they’re accused of. In addition, this practice leaves few victims with redress as most cannot financially hope to match the resources of the government in a legal battle.

Now in many states law enforcement personal are allowed to keep some of the cash obtained from wood be criminals during seizures. Off the record many law enforcement officers say they saw themselves as law enforcement officers, whose duty was to uphold just laws. However, now many see themselves as criminals pretending to be law enforcement officers. In a final message to the department Mr. Sessions said feel free to screw the woman, take the guys cash and save a cut for me, my kids are in college, I need the money.  

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Horse slaughter Ban Overturned

Picture of Congressman Earl Blumenauer

The House Appropriations Committee decided a return to the past would be good for society. It seems throughout the U.S. government politicians are headstrong to undo laws that were created for the benefit of society. In the latest rollback, Congress has given the approval to remove protections designed to slow or stop horse slaughter within U.S. borders. Despite the overturning of horse protections many in Congress have vowed to reinstate what has been lost because most Americans believe horse slaughter should be banned.

Since the intervention of U.S. horse slaughter laws many ranchers have been sending their animals to Mexico and Canada for further processing (slaughter). However, with this repeal the exporting of the animals may no longer be necessary. Because of this the bipartisan Congressional Animal Protection Caucus was moved to hold hearings with the intent of passing new legislation to end horse slaughter within U.S. borders. This move is supported by many animal welfare and animal rights groups.

Many claim horse consumption as barbaric and as a practice that must end while their investment portfolios benefit from the practice. DC Congressman Earl Blumenauer vowed to roll back the bill while feeding his dog doggy steaks. When asked, what the steak meat comprised of he replied steaks for dogs. When another reporter jumped in saying, yeah but where do the steaks come from, after reflection he said the supermarket. And where does the supermarket get the dog steaks from asked another reporter, when he replied the dog steak factory. Just then, all the reporters blew their brains out because they couldn’t take it anymore.    

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NRDC & PANNA Win Pesticide Battle, U.S. Citizens Lose

Picture of Scott Pruitt EPA Administrator

Poisonous food will be served to American Citizens as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) bows to lobbyist power. To be fair, the FDA takes its lead from the administration, in this case the lead is to allow a documented cancer causing pesticide into the food chain. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA) successfully (allegedly) lobbied to have a likely disastrous FDA decision delayed to 2022.

With administration support the NRDC & PANNA were destined to get the delay they requested. With this decision Chlorpyrifos will be allowed to remain in the food chain despite its known cancerous effects. For years battles have been fought to get this and other pesticides out of the U.S. food chain. This was to be the year Chlorpyrifos would go down in flames. Instead, its found a new life in this FDA and administration.

When asked about the harm Chlorpyrifos is doing to current & future generations the FDA has been remarkably silent. However, Scott Pruitt the FDA Administrator has found the courage to speak with reporters. When asked is he aware of the harmful effects Chlorpyrifos is having on the population, Pruitt replied “Fuck’em we need jobs”. He continued, “the poor have a special immunity to cancerous chemicals therefore protection isn’t needed”.

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Whitehouse Stops Food Safety Regulations

Picture of Senator Rob Portman

Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) has introduced house bill S.951 which is making its way through the house. The official name of the bill is the “Regulatory Accountability Act of 2017” the unofficial media name is the “Filthy Food Act”.  The bill has heavy hitter support such as Senators Rand Paul (R-KY), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) and more, the bill also has total Whitehouse support.

The bill in its current form requires agencies adhere to new stringent analysis and procedures before any new food safety regulations were to be enacted. In addition, the bill restricts insights gained from scientific research and moves technical agency expert authority to the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) which is under the Administrations Jurisdiction. The bill introduces public hearing fiascos meant to slow or stop new regulations.

In 2011 the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) implemented changes that improved U.S. food safety in many ways. This new proposal will roll back those changes and more. Under the new guidelines cost reduction, inaction and arbitration are the rule not public safety. According to Portman “everyone needs a job, his role is to ensure everyone has a job, health is of little concern to him”.

He explained further “Americans are strong, so what if there food is full of bacteria, carcinogens and other harmful chemicals”. According to Portman “his food will be good, it comes from his farm, people should stop whining and get a job, that’s what he’s advocating” more jobs. According to Portman and his cosponsors “Americans food has been safe for too long, they need to know how others live with food insecurities, so starting in June maggot pies hit local store shelves”.

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Broadcasting Your Location for Targeted Ads Geofencing Ok’d

Picture of Attorney General Maura Healey

Geofencing creates an electronic fence around a targeted location. When an uninformed consumer walks within this parameter, their actions, location, duration and other factors can and often are tracked by private businesses and government.  Unwitting consumers aid this exploitation by having cell phones, certain inconspicuous APS and by being in Geofencing locations which could be anywhere.

Over the past decade new forms of Geofencing have emerged that perfect tracking, push information to consumers and update users of this information. Common new names are PlaceCast, ShopKick and Zentracker. Other Geofencing products use cell phone GPS, these go by CellSafety, WebSafety, DriveAssist, Guardian Angel MP, iZUP, PhoneEnforcer, Teen Tracker, TxtBlocker and more.

There are even Geofencing technologies meant to prevent distracted driving. Some of the products go by the names CellControl, Key2SafeDriving, OCK, Signal Safe, SimpleTrack, ZoomSafer and more. In Massachusetts Attorney General (AG) Maura Healey prosecuted an Advertising Company for targeted advertising to people entering certain reproductive clinic or methadone Geofencing zones. Per AG this tracking then pushing advertisements is a form of digital harassment; consumers should be entitled to privacy.

Often Geofencing messaging continues for 30 or more days on a cell phone after a consumer enters a targeted zone. Across the country many politicians aren’t likely to pass laws to stop this practice; they’re likely to encourage it hoping to spur job growth. The take away as a consumer, push for two way communication and become a porn star. If you can’t beat them, join them, make sure what you do is out there, you won’t have anything to hide, it’ll be good publicity.

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Missouri Crooked Parole Board Strikes Again

Picture of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

Governor Eric Greitens increased the 2017 Department of Corrections Budget above the requested amount despite the political climate regarding the department. The department is in hot water for transgressions committed by parole board members. Former Missouri Legislature and current Parole Board member Don Ruzicka resigned from the board on June 12, 2017. Ruzicka and another alleged corrections person played word games for entertainment during parole meetings.

Board members would earn points if they could get convicts to say specific words. In addition, they would earn higher points if they could get a convict to name specific songs. All of this and more was allegedly done without convict nor other board members knowledge. The Inspector General found Mr. Ruzicka guilty of abusing his power and playing with potential paroles lives.

In the past year (2016) Missouri has had four changes to laws dealing with paroles (HB1506, HB2036, SB674 and SB1006). And in 2017 SB436 has been introduced to change guidelines of Parole Board reviews when dealing with prisoners serving more than 25 years. Despite recent legislation board members suggest Champaign and dancing girls be allowed at future meetings. According to an undisclosed board member “having sole control over who stays and who gets out makes prisoners & family members offer up lots of perks. Who could ask for more” said the board member.

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