Curbelo is smoking wacky stuff again and it’s not legal yet

Representative Carlos Curbelo applauds delay of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) by Republicans.  In a video statement Curbelo mentions “Our country deserves a healthcare system that puts patients first. That’s my goal.” Sounds good, what about a single payer system or maybe changes allowing for government negotiations for drug pricing or removing profitability from our healthcare system or dismantling the employer based health care system? Still blowing smoke, more can be found at

Alaskan Governor Bill Walker scolds Trumps American Health Care Act (AHCA)

Governor Walker gives laundry list of data concluding AHCA is bad for Alaskans. Walker, has been applauded for taking a tuff stance against the president on this issue. However, Alaskans are confused, Walker closed his statement with “We’re ready to work towards putting a plan in place to ensure health coverage for all citizens”. Sounds good, but by leaving the Affordable Care Act intact without changes, can the statement be viewed as sincere? More can be found at

Vice President Mike Pence scolds Obamacare in Florida

The coffin of Obamacare is almost closed; Dracula soon will be no more. Everyday evil Obamacare inflicts suffering on America’s people and businesses.  I want America and Floridians to know this administration hears the cries of your suffering. Just last year millions lost their health coverage across the country, we’ll help them find their lost plans.

Across the country over 20% of counties have one health care provider, that’s not choice unless you’re a tinker toy that does what you’re told without questioning injustice. The country nor Floridians can no longer afford Obamacare, this administration will put a stop to it.

The purse strings on Obamacare will be cut, we’re going to repeal related taxes, end mandates and penalties. More choices, health savings accounts, tax credits, block grants will be the springboard to better health, leading to more choices and lower costs for America’s people and it’s businesses.

We’re putting an end to state sponsored expanding Medicaid across the country, which burdens future generations and weakens our countries future. With the option of block grants states will create programs that work for business and consumers, creating a win win for the country’s economic condition.

Lastly, there will be a work requirement for low life’s in all states.  This requirement will ensure health care coverage is there for those that need it most while controlling costs. This plan won’t be easy to implement, that’s why we’re here, to do the tuff things that need doing, that’s why you the American people unanimously elected this administration. More can be found at

Chairman Diane Black espouses Greatness of the American Health Care Act (AHCA)

Picture of Chairman Diane Black

Chairman Black says the AHCA is close to coverage perfection, that it’s light years better than Obamacare. I wonder if she’s in the market to by a bridge? She goes on to say individuals will be able to buy the perfect plan that meets their needs at a price they can afford. Is she talking about millionaires only, I’m sure she’s not talking about main street? Lastly, she says Obamacare wasn’t affordable nor provided quality care, mostly true, does she think the AHCA does? If so, I now have a bridge and spaceship she can buy at a reduced cost. More can be found at

President Trump denounces Obamacare during Make America Great Again Rally in Nashville, Tennessee

“I want to massively cut taxes so bad it hurts, you wouldn’t believe where it hurts.  Just believe me when I say it hurts.  Cutting taxes is on the back burner.  First I have to deal with evil Obamacare that’s sucking the life out of our country, it is, it really is, it’s unbelievable.

If we leave Obamacare in place billions and billions including deplorables (sound familiar) will lose their health care coverage, this isn’t acceptable, the horror story must end and this I vow to do for America’s businesses and the American people.  Why should democrats be allowed to rape the country when out of power? Not on my watch, they’re the little guys, they’re marching behind a new sheriff that’s going to make American Great Again”.

The Presidents rhetoric was feisty, non-apologetic and straight to the point and the crowd loved it.  More can be found at

President Trump meets with tortured at the stake victims of Obamacare

Business owner John Bullwinkle of Hartford has had his family’s medical insurance plan cancelled three times by various insurance providers since Obamacare became law. Cynthia Noluc of Kansas experienced triple digit premium increases to her health care plan each year since the implementation of Obamacare. Jack Less of Beatty Minnesota watched costs of his workers compensation plan increase from $ 10,000 per year to over $ 100,000 per year.

Ray Nomr opted to pay the Obamacare penalty versus buying insurance costing six times his previous rate. Ryan Dazeez of Wyoming was dropped by his insurance company, no other companies will sign him unless he purchases and carries catastrophic coverage which costs more than his annual salary. Jenny Syphilis of Los Vegas can’t get insurance unless she changes her last name.    

According to sources once the President, Vice President and Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price heard these stories, they immediately began to cry and made a pact to repeal and replace Obamacare immediately. More can be found at

The President Remarks in an Affordable Care Act (ACA – Obamacare) bashing session at the Whitehouse

Spinster President Donald Trump

Counties all over the country are reduced to having one insurer choice for the region. A stark contrast to previous statements such as “You’ll be able to pick your plan and the doctor you want” as mentioned by the previous administration. For many Americans reality is you don’t pick your doctor and you don’t pick your plan.

According to the president “Billions and billions of Americans lost their plans and doctors through Obamacare, while the same people and many more, many many more have seen their premiums increase by triple digits. This isn’t the broken system they signed up for, I’m here to fix their Obamacare crisis, it is a crisis, a serious crisis, it’s bad, I’m going to improve healthcare for all, trust me it’s going to be better, much better, you’ll like it, I mean really like it, it’s going to be great” said the President.

According to the president the American Health Care Act (AHCA) will create plans no one has thought about, not even insurance companies, everyone will be pleased, including insurers and insurance consumers. AHCA has been described as the Obamacare killer, Republicans and the President stress it’ll provide citizens with more choices at lower costs.

GOP lawmakers and the President believe they are putting themselves in harms way by appealing and replacing Obamacare before its supporters see it crumble. The President repeatedly warned Republicans repealing Obamacare before implosion will leave Republicans on the hook for destroying healthcare when it’s the ACA and democrats that deserve credit for destroying healthcare.

The president recommends Republicans do nothing with the ACA for a year, choosing to let it crumble on its own weight, allowing democrats to take full blame for healthcare failure. Once failure occurs the president suggests only then should republicans implement replacement legislation. This recommendation is risky for Republicans, the President and most of all the American people. More can be found at

Congressional Budget Office (CBO) completes review of The American Health Care Act (AHCA), saying there will be cost savings but millions more will be left uninsured

CBO and the Joint Committee on Taxation (JCT) which is a nonpartisan committee of Congress established in 1926 released their findings after reviewing the AHCA.  CBO and JCT estimate the AHCA will reduce federal deficits by $337 billion within the next decade while increasing uninsured levels by 24 million.

The estimated projections are based on Medicaid, non-group market, employment based market and various other changes. It’s projected reductions in coverage will result from folks opting out of insurance due to removal of the penalty requirement, while others will opt out due to higher premiums.

CBO and JCT explain key to insurance market stability will be subsidies for insurance purchase, grants to states from the Patient and State Stability Fund, which will reduce costs to insurers of people with existing and preexisting conditions. People with existing conditions are usually older and sicker and can expect premium increases from age-rating rule changes.

According to the president “This is a great day for America, a great day, what a great day it really is; it’s so unbelievable, unbelievable. I’m delivering on a promise to the American people. I’m putting America first while giving my constituents what they want and eliminating that terrible Obamacare legacy, it’s really terrible, terrible, I mean really bad”. More can be found at

Representative Tim Walz apparently only seeks Law Maker input regarding the American Health Care Act (AHCA) for his district

Picture of Congressman Tim Walz

Democrat Tim Walz seeks input from constituents on his website. There’s a link to a 123 page legalized PDF document. There’s no summary or explanation of a document only law makers could decipher. The site goes on to ask constituents for their comments after reading the document. Here’s a comment, interpretation please. Constituents and I are left wandering if the Representative really wants feedback on the AHCA or not? More can be found at

American Health Care Act (AHCA) versus the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Today President Donald J. Trump began the journey of his campaign promise to repeal and replace “The Affordable Care Act” (ACA).

The AHCA per the President “will save the country and future generations of taxpayers hundreds of trillions within the first ten years of its enactment'”

My initial thoughts were this is a large number, maybe the President misspoke?

Then the President said for the press not to misquote his statement and reiterated hundreds of trillions will be saved and “it’s good the ACA will be repealed before it had a chance to blow up in the taxpayers faces, it’s a terrible bill, a terrible bill, a terrible bill, a really terrible bill” said the president before he was off to discuss the AHCA next steps with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. More can be found at and at

Chairman Greg Walden slams Obamacare

Picture of Representative Greg Walden

Energy and Commerce Chair Walden said in a sluggish voice Obamacare doesn’t work, this must have been a revelation he wanted to share. Other Republicans for years have made the case for repeal and replacement of Obamacare. Walden goes on to say “we’ll institute reforms that’ll put patients first, rebuilding our healthcare system” it looked as if he was still dreaming when in closing he said it’ll be a lot of work for repeal and replace but we can do it.  Who’s we, Republicans are divided on the issue, when he awakes he’ll need to explain who’s the group of “we”. More can be found at