Regulatory Integrity Shunned by Uncle Sam

Picture of Rep Tim Walberg

February 2017 legislatures of the 115th Congress had a weak moment, they thought to themselves sunlight is the best disinfectant for this polarized government. So, a few legislatures such as Representative (Rep.) Tim Walberg (R-MI), Rep. Earl Carter (R-GA, not related to Jimmy), Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) & others set

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Little Marco wants to improve Terror Intelligence

Picture of Senator Marco Rubio R-FL

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) wants to improve terror intelligence for the nation’s law enforcement community & specifically for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Senator Rubio submitted S.151 a Bill requiring federal departments and/or agencies to disclose all and any information about a person or people who have been under

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More Government is Boon for Republican Senators

Picture of Rep Stuart-Adams-& Noman-Thurston

In an era when neither major political party can be seen as traditional, two Republican Senators move to lower the alcohol limit regarding driving under the influence laws. Junior Utah State Senators Norman Thurston and Stuart Adams cosponsored H.B. 155 “Driving Under the Influence and Public Safety Revisions” Bill. The

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Department of Injustice Wants to Seize Your Cash

Picture of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

In a press conference U.S. Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions mentioned he will give a new directive to his department to increase police seizures. The policy is better known as “asset forfeiture”. The policy is supposed to target drug lords, gangsters and more. However, in reality the program

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Missouri Crooked Parole Board Strikes Again

Picture of Missouri Governor Eric Greitens

Governor Eric Greitens increased the 2017 Department of Corrections Budget above the requested amount despite the political climate regarding the department. The department is in hot water for transgressions committed by parole board members. Former Missouri Legislature and current Parole Board member Don Ruzicka resigned from the board on June

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