Government Sanctioned Worker Servitude

Picture of Utah Lawmakers Stuart-Adams-and-Mike-Schultz

The use of non-compete, post-employment restrictions, non-compete clauses, non-compete contracts, non-competition agreements, trade secret protection agreements, restrictive covenants and more have the same objective, to limit an employee’s future job opportunities. The stated employer goal is to limit exposure to the possible loss of trade secrets and to prevent employees

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Arbitrations End Alarms Politicians

Picture of Senator Tom Cotton

For years consumers, consumer advocate groups & bipartisan politicians have sought to remove binding contractual Arbitration Agreement power from corporations. The practice has reduced consumer power to litigate with big business and in turn has given corporations legal advantage over the citizenry in disputes. One of the latest pushes for

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Parents Shouldn’t Work – It’s a Hardship

Picture of Congress Woman Krysten Sinema

A couple of Congressional geniuses Democrat Krysten Sinema of Arizona and New York’s Republican John Katko introduced H.R. 2533 – Working Parents Flexibility Act of 2017. The “Act” is a nonpartisan attempt to relieve some of the financial pain of starting a family. The legislation allows individuals and employers pretax

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