Ever since voting age I was a conservative Republican, this mindset lasted for decades, then I felt the party no longer represented me. I couldn’t stomach becoming a Democrat while at the same time realizing I needed to switch parties. During this transition, I regrettably skipped several elections which I won’t do again.

As I age and hopefully become wiser I’m noticing my thoughts on many issues have changed or at least waver from time to time, in some cases daily, weekly and so forth. This changing perspective is the result of internal chatter, in other cases it’s external influences such as family, friends, media, news, visual stimulus, soundbites and the list goes on as technology changes.

In short, I’ve since learned many people go thru the same transition. Now would be a good time for an example of my duality in thinking. Let’s look at healthcare, I believe the government under no circumstance should mandate anyone go out and purchase a product (Obamacare), let’s call this thinking conservative.  While at the same time I believe, medical coverage should be a right, and no one should go bankrupt due to medical expenses which is contrary to the Republican American Health Care Act (AHCA) as of this writing.

So, how do I resolve my ever-changing stances, I don’t. Also, I have questions and not many answers, I’m looking toward contributors of this blog to help with answers in reviewing why government and by extension politicians do what they do. Sure, there are monetary and power reasons but are they an end unto themselves? The question I continually ask is nothing off limits, is all behavior justified if the goal personal or otherwise is obtained?

Most posts will originate from publications (press releases, opinions, reports and more…) on government sites. The point is to find what are the institutions and politicians up to regarding their own documentation, procedures, communications and statements. If an investigated subject has no meaningful government involvement it won’t be discussed on this blog. If there is government involvement that’s questionable then it’s a candidate for blog discussion. 

Lastly, this blog is to show thru research how government institutions and politicians spin topics in many cases for the benefit of the few at the expense of the many.  Ever increasing government hostility towards free speech and protests have moved me in the direction of making this a satirical blog, because satire is less threatening to power than outright hostility. In short, this is a satirical and questioning blog, nothing should be construed as true, and readers please keep this in mind.