Is Chicago’s Police Department Reforming?

The Chicago police department has been known over the decades as racist, perpetrators of constitutional violations, extortion, white collar crime, bribery and more. In 2017 the U.S. Department of Justice (injustice) and the U.S. Attorney’s office of Illinois investigated the Chicago police department. The investigation uncovered rampant misconduct, procedural and public trust violations.

It’s not all bad there have been programs implemented with minimal success, such as the Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy (CAPS) which provides officers to communities, essentially partnering those policed and those responsible for policing. Another minimally successful program is the Strategic Subject List (SSL) which is an algorithm that predicts crime perpetrators and crime victims of gun violence.

Large communities of Chicago are mostly of minority decent, however the police force is over seventy percent white. This distortion accounts for some of the problems such as a lack of empathy and gerrymandering of police positions within the force. In many cases you have legacy police families with grandfathers, fathers & sons having served in the department. This legacy policing ensures certain barriers remain while opportunities are preselected for a few chosen groups, all of this happens with the blessing of senior leadership in Chicago’s institutions.

In an alleged press conference Major Rahm Emanuel and Attorney General (AG) Madican held a briefing to highlight the launching of a new communication website that would give citizens a voice in elevating policing issues. The Major & AG believe the website will help bring about a reformed police department. There’s evidence supporting the website is achieving its goal. However the city of Chicago is running into financial budget constraints. To deal with this reality the major allegedly told officers get out there and arrest minorities, we need the bail money.

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