Alabama over Regulated Land Lease Communities

If manufactured homes or land lease communities don’t strike a bell surely the name mobile homes will. All of the names represent the same type of community, affordable housing for the poor. Over the years tenants in these communities, local governments, slum lords & owners have renamed these sites in an effort to evade the stigmas associated with names like trailer parks, trailer trash communities, mobile home parks and manufactured home communities.

What people don’t know is that mobile homes generate some of the highest profits in real estate for property owners. Knowing profits are high in this industry naturally attracts government attention so as to get its slice of the mobile market pie. Across the nation trailer parks are subject to government inspection on various annual bases. Inspection forms ask questions such as is a roof present, are there walls, is the floor intact & other silly questions.

In Alabama’s official newsletter of the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) they brag about winning the ECOS award for their thorough inspections (n-SPECT program) of trailer parks. The leading community for this award held the event and is appropriately named Jackson Hole. The name kind of underscores what official’s think of trailer parks and their award.

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