Replacing Cancer with Cancer as a Cure

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) a branch of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) almost 20% of new cancer patients were previously diagnosed with the same or a different cancer. The study covered years 2009 thru 2013, according to an NCI spokesman this large percentage of reoccurrence has significant ramifications and must be further investigated, no shit. Researchers explain certain types of cancers are a result of chemotherapy or radiation treatment but those types of treatment don’t explain the high recurrence rates exposed by the research.

Despite the researched data, the fact is cancer patient’s life expectancy has greatly increased over the last few decades. But if improvements are to continue the recurrence rate must be studied & remedied before the trend is reversed. So, to get more cancer survivors involved in more test trials researchers are pushing to allow previous excluded groups to participate in cancer trials even though participation is likely to be detrimental to those participants health even if the previous cancer is inactive.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary Eric Hargan who oversees NCI & NIH in an alleged internal meeting told his staff if more prior cancer patients are allowed to participate in trials we’ll get more kickbacks from Drug companies because trials need drugs and lots of them. A newbe to the group asked, aren’t inclusion into these trials for patients with dormant cancer likely to energize existing cancer or make old cancers comeback with a vengeance? Eric laughed, so did the group, saying newbies you’ve got to love them.

The newbie chimed in I don’t understand, when the group said listen carefully, more trials means more drugs, more drugs mean more kickbacks, that’s how we stay funded & send our kids to college, got it? The newbie said understood, but I came here to help people, everyone fell out of their chairs laughing saying good one, now go out and call some cancer survivors, we need more participants for the new designer drugs coming from one of our major donors. Eric, chimed in look if the dopes get cancer they should of known what they were signing up for, adding I can’t be the guardian of dummies.

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