Uncle Sam bikini’s and oh yeah research

Make way for the new pervert at the beach, it’s not the creepy guy next door or the loner that avoids the beach, it’s Uncle Sam (federal government). After a brainstorming event, officials decided it was time to take videos & pictures at frequented beaches because they need to better understand beach erosion. According to officials the thought of woman in scant bikini’s and hard bodies barely clothed being filmed for research sakes never entered their minds.

According to officials their cause is just, they will not focus on sun bathing woman or men, but only on the moving sand, yeah sure. Meanwhile back in the video viewing room researchers were looking at the 1st research video, when Amy a young intern noticed from a distance several researchers standing around the viewing station with slight erections. Amy thought to herself, what perverts, they’re watching porn at work, once she entered the room Amy decided to confront the men with her observation, she figured it was ok because they were a tight knit group, as she got nearer to the viewing station she noticed the only videos were of the official kind, so she felt bad because they couldn’t be looking at porn, she thought to herself wow, these guys are something they get turned on by watching sand move. Amy isn’t the brightest bulb around but she’ll catch on eventually.

More can be found at https://www.usgs.gov/news/eyes-coast-video-cameras-help-forecast-coastal-change

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