Lucky residents avoid city dump as neighbor

Picture of Albuquerque Mayor Tim Keller

Edith Transfer Station had become the divisive topic of the town in Albuquerque New Mexico. Because local residents and lawmakers have been in term oil for years over the government’s proposal to place a drop off garbage station in the North Valley of Albuquerque near residents homes. Even though property values would surely fall lawmakers justified the proposal saying it would save thousands or millions of dollars with this move.

In the proposal trash trucks would bring their waste, dump it at the site, the trash would remain there until transported to its final resting location in Colorado. City officials maintained the site would not be a dump but a holding station, they further maintained there would be a convenience center for residents, lawmakers were hoping this little benefit would prompt some residents to say sounds good go ahead & put the dump next to my house, but that was delusional thinking.

While still in a delusional state, lawmakers told residents the site will help prevent illegal dumping, will be closed on major holidays, also trucks will avoid using the site during rush hour traffic, what a bonus, it’s almost too real to believe. However, as a new major came to oversee the project, doubt set in & the major decided to scrap the project. Residents were ecstatic until they heard the dump will be approved for another neighborhood. In an alleged press conference Major Tim Keller told reporters the site will house hazardous materials, we need to move those near low lives because we’re making America great again.

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More Drone Public Surveillance Authorized

Picture of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

In America Government Drone (unmanned aircraft) use for surveillance has grown exponentially over the past decade under the guise of making the public safe. In the founding of the nation Benjamin Franklin was quoted in summary to say “those willing to give up liberty for temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”.

This quote has served as the rallying cry for those opposed to increased government spying censorship & the weakening of 4th amendment rights which protect the citizenry from unreasonable searches and seizures by government. In a challenge to expanding government surveillance the 1989 Supreme Court case Florida v. Riley, saw the court hand over to law enforcement the right to spy on citizens from public airspaces without warrants or justification.

Across America the federal government has hundreds of drone programs taking pictures of citizens as they move around in their daily lives. But it’s not only the federal government, it’s also local, county, city, state and unincorporated government agencies creating and expanding local law enforcement and business drone programs further eroding 4th amendment rights.

As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo held a press conference to espouse the benefits of his expanded drone program a reporter asked “where does the spying end and begin, why is it ok to spy on citizens lounging in their back yard or sitting on the couch in the privacy of their homes, no one expects drones to be viewing them from the skies, why is this ok?” asked the reporter.

Cuomo, stared at the reporter without speaking, perplexed the reporter said what’s wrong are you going to respond to my question? Just then Cuomo said you look familiar, is your name Michael, the reporter smiled with confidence replying “yes” it is. Cuomo furthered your nick name is Tiny Tim, the reporter turned red, put his head down replying that’s what my wife calls me. Cuomo, laughed saying I saw a video of you & your wife on your couch several days ago, now our drones can listen in & read lips, she calls you Tiny Tim because she can’t find it sometimes.

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Replacing Cancer with Cancer as a Cure

Picture of Deputy Secretary Eric D. Hargan

According to the National Cancer Institute (NCI) a branch of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) almost 20% of new cancer patients were previously diagnosed with the same or a different cancer. The study covered years 2009 thru 2013, according to an NCI spokesman this large percentage of reoccurrence has significant ramifications and must be further investigated, no shit. Researchers explain certain types of cancers are a result of chemotherapy or radiation treatment but those types of treatment don’t explain the high recurrence rates exposed by the research.

Despite the researched data, the fact is cancer patient’s life expectancy has greatly increased over the last few decades. But if improvements are to continue the recurrence rate must be studied & remedied before the trend is reversed. So, to get more cancer survivors involved in more test trials researchers are pushing to allow previous excluded groups to participate in cancer trials even though participation is likely to be detrimental to those participants health even if the previous cancer is inactive.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Secretary Eric Hargan who oversees NCI & NIH in an alleged internal meeting told his staff if more prior cancer patients are allowed to participate in trials we’ll get more kickbacks from Drug companies because trials need drugs and lots of them. A newbe to the group asked, aren’t inclusion into these trials for patients with dormant cancer likely to energize existing cancer or make old cancers comeback with a vengeance? Eric laughed, so did the group, saying newbies you’ve got to love them.

The newbie chimed in I don’t understand, when the group said listen carefully, more trials means more drugs, more drugs mean more kickbacks, that’s how we stay funded & send our kids to college, got it? The newbie said understood, but I came here to help people, everyone fell out of their chairs laughing saying good one, now go out and call some cancer survivors, we need more participants for the new designer drugs coming from one of our major donors. Eric, chimed in look if the dopes get cancer they should of known what they were signing up for, adding I can’t be the guardian of dummies.

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Uncle Sam bikini’s and oh yeah research

Picture of woman in swimsuit

Make way for the new pervert at the beach, it’s not the creepy guy next door or the loner that avoids the beach, it’s Uncle Sam (federal government). After a brainstorming event, officials decided it was time to take videos & pictures at frequented beaches because they need to better understand beach erosion. According to officials the thought of woman in scant bikini’s and hard bodies barely clothed being filmed for research sakes never entered their minds.

According to officials their cause is just, they will not focus on sun bathing woman or men, but only on the moving sand, yeah sure. Meanwhile back in the video viewing room researchers were looking at the 1st research video, when Amy a young intern noticed from a distance several researchers standing around the viewing station with slight erections. Amy thought to herself, what perverts, they’re watching porn at work, once she entered the room Amy decided to confront the men with her observation, she figured it was ok because they were a tight knit group, as she got nearer to the viewing station she noticed the only videos were of the official kind, so she felt bad because they couldn’t be looking at porn, she thought to herself wow, these guys are something they get turned on by watching sand move. Amy isn’t the brightest bulb around but she’ll catch on eventually.

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