New Federal Legislation Protects Insubordination

Picture of Rep Sean Duffy

H.R. 657 also known as the “Follow the Rules Act” guarantees federal workers the right to refuse leaderships orders when those orders violate federal laws. The law is considered a major achievement as Representative Sean Duffy of Wisconsin and a bipartisan contingent of congressmen and woman unanimously passed the house bill before sending it the president for final passage into law.

The “Follow the Rules Act” is meant to strengthen federal employees resolve for resisting political pressures to act on the behalf of political parties. Administrators when debating proposing the law saw countless high level leaders give in to political pressures, calling these leaders terd pads a technical term. As word got out about this new designation, those that were guilty of being pads became angry & wanted vengeance, that’s when a bipartisan group decided it was time for legislation.

The new law applies a Band-Aid to a problem that still exists, if management is impotent to political pressures, why would legislators think employees will have the fortitude & energy to push back against powerful interest groups when they don’t have management support. In final bill discussions Representative Duffy allegedly told fellow representatives, when things go wrong we can now blame employees, they have the power to just say no & when they do, it’s their fault when things go wrong & when they don’t speak up, again it’s their fault, they should of. It’s a win-win for us, man the people are so gullible they thought we were empowering them, we were but just to take the blame when things go wrong.

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