The sad state of US drinking water

Picture USGS Director William "Bill" Werkheiser

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) of the Department of the Interior is nearing the end of a survey (2012-2023) that’s meant to determine the state of the nation’s groundwater, specifically the nation’s aquifers through direct sampling. Interesting facts on the USGS website, about 140 million people in the U.S. rely on groundwater for drinking. 68 regional extensive aquifers called principal aquifers supply almost 50 percent of the nation’s drinking water.

The aquifer testing targeted 20 heavily used key aquifers. Within these key aquifers over 600 supply wells were tested in the North, South, East and Western regions of the country. The 600 tested aquifers are part of 9 principal aquifers that have been tested to date. The testing results for the nine principal tested aquifers are in and the results aren’t very good. It was revealed that inorganic constituents exceeded limits, elements such as arsenic, fluoride & manganese also exceeded limits, while radioactive and nitrate constituents likewise exceeded limits.

In a press conference acting USGS Director William Werkheiser asked the green glowing people in the back why they were wearing costumes, they replied we’re not, while at the same time calling the Director some harsh names. After the initial shock of the name calling, Director Werkheiser began to laugh, saying recently we changed the water standards to allow the current level of toxicity, saying maybe we erred. In that case, we’ll roll the changes back so your kids don’t begin to glow at least not immediately.

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