Failing school, no problem, you have Dyslexia

The “Kentucky Ready to Read Act 2018” is a legislation proposal by Republican Representative Addia Wuchner of Florence Kentucky.  This pending legislation is meant to aid educators & parents in helping schools better prepare and deal with dyslexic students. Response to intervention (RTI) will reduce suspensions & criminalizing perceived bad student behavior by systematically assisting, reviewing and retraining underperforming schools & students.

Rep. Wuchner in a testimony to the Interim Joint Committee on Health and Welfare and Family Services declared the proposed legislation as a requirement for meeting the healthcare & educational needs of todays and tomorrow’s students and educators. By changing the definition of dyslexia and rebranding the illness Rep. Wuchner is hoping to remove negative stereo types revolving around the conditions that tend to negatively impact those diagnosed as being dyslexic.

In a bold statement Executive Director of Communication for the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet Jessica Fletcher believes “80% people with poor reading skills are likely dyslexic”. During an alleged press conference Rep. Wuchner made it clear all underperforming students are in that situation not because of the underfunding of schools nor the fault of educators. Instead it’s the parents who are at fault for having these broken kids that now must be fixed by the school system.

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