Miniature Grapefruits coming to a store near you

The Citrus Administrative Committee (CAC) wants to change the minimum size requirements prescribed for grapefruits & other citrus goodies. CAC wants grapefruit allowable size to be decreased from 35/16 inches (diameter) to 3 inches (diameter). In a weird government way, how is 3 inches smaller than 35/16, only the government can explain that, hopefully the explanation makes sense but I wouldn’t count on it.

This proposed change would amend the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 which was what the Florida grapefruit industry needed after suffering crop losses from Hurricane Irma. In a more insidious way the grapefruit industry is blaming the need to allow smaller fruit on hurricanes, when in reality a large part of the problem stems from Citrus Greening (CG), officially called Huanglongbing (HLB) or Yellow Dragon Disease which once infected by this bacteria a tree can no longer take in necessary nutrients making CG trees produce smaller, sourer, dryer and discolored fruit and there’s no cure for CG.

With the proposed changes lawmakers are calling this a win win, saying the grapefruit industry will get to sell its bad product, and consumers can enjoy the bad product, saying they’ll eventually get use to the shriveled, dry unappealing sour fruit. Officials continued they’ll even get use to the higher prices, as they’re dummies & we’ll say buying the fruit is the patriotic thing to do. This will get them buying, in fact lets blame it on refugees, this will boost sales & guarantee us reelection.

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