Contaminated drinking water Ok, it’s the rocks

Picture of Scott Pruitt EPA Administrator

Low levels of radium are common, the radioactive material can be found in rocks, soil, water and of course man made sources such as manufacturing plants, nuclear sites and more. There are no tests available that can measure radium exposure in humans, oddly the negative impact of radium correlates with the level of exposure and if it can’t be measured how convenient is that for large radium producers such as the U.S. Military & big business?

The Cambrian Ordovician Aquifer (COA) provides over 600 million gallons of drinking water to the public daily. The aquifer contains unusually high levels of radium isotopes 228, 226 & 224 which have been known to cause leukemia, cancer and other detrimental health side effects.  By exceeding the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maximum contaminant levels (MCL) for radium millions of people are at risk for severe illnesses.

U.S. Geological scientists have found rocks of the COA are emitting excessive amounts of radium, case solved, the rocks are polluting. I want to extend my personal thanks or kudos to the EPA for identifying those mass polluting rocks. In the near future as millions become sick from radioactive radium exposure, they’ll be told no one is at fault except the rocks & you can’t sue rocks, this is convenience on steroids.

While allegedly talking to CEOs in a private meeting, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt communicated we’re still making America great, go ahead and pollute, it’s the rocks fault for not holding more radium & who cares about the gullible citizenry, we’ll tell them it’s some minority group that’s making them sick, they’ll go for that. Just remember every minute a sucker is born and we have lots of them & by the way I need more stocks, I want to be a billionaire before I leave office.

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Fat People Cause of Drug Resistant Tumor Cells

Picture of NCI Director Dr. Norman Sharpless

In a recent press release the National Institutes of Health (NIH) confirmed a previously unsubstantiated belief. Researchers believed fat cells produced enzymes that could weaken the toxic effects of today’s chemotherapy drugs. Now confirmed, fat people will have to take more drugs or doctors will have to invest time focusing on ensuring drug levels are adequate within tumors targeted for treatment.

Studies have shown high numbers of fat cells in cancer environments have a counterproductive influence on neutralizing or killing cancer cells. Because fat cells absorb chemotherapy drug toxicity by producing enzymes that weaken the drug’s effectiveness, because of this researchers and pharmaceutical companies will have to come up with more toxic drugs and/or give patients higher doses of chemotherapy drugs to ensure positive outcomes when combating cancer.

In a press conference with two pharmaceutical companies Director of the National Cancer Institute (NCI) Dr. Norman Sharpless, mentioned it’s a coincidence more drugs are needed to combat cancer & that this outcome will boost profit margins of drug providers. Continuing, drug companies have everyone’s best interest in mind not profits as he began to laugh. As the reporters joined him in laughing, Dr. Sharpless in closing said we’re making America great again & if you believe me, I have a bridge I want to sell you.

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New Federal Legislation Protects Insubordination

Picture of Rep Sean Duffy

H.R. 657 also known as the “Follow the Rules Act” guarantees federal workers the right to refuse leaderships orders when those orders violate federal laws. The law is considered a major achievement as Representative Sean Duffy of Wisconsin and a bipartisan contingent of congressmen and woman unanimously passed the house bill before sending it the president for final passage into law.

The “Follow the Rules Act” is meant to strengthen federal employees resolve for resisting political pressures to act on the behalf of political parties. Administrators when debating proposing the law saw countless high level leaders give in to political pressures, calling these leaders terd pads a technical term. As word got out about this new designation, those that were guilty of being pads became angry & wanted vengeance, that’s when a bipartisan group decided it was time for legislation.

The new law applies a Band-Aid to a problem that still exists, if management is impotent to political pressures, why would legislators think employees will have the fortitude & energy to push back against powerful interest groups when they don’t have management support. In final bill discussions Representative Duffy allegedly told fellow representatives, when things go wrong we can now blame employees, they have the power to just say no & when they do, it’s their fault when things go wrong & when they don’t speak up, again it’s their fault, they should of. It’s a win-win for us, man the people are so gullible they thought we were empowering them, we were but just to take the blame when things go wrong.

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The sad state of US drinking water

Picture USGS Director William "Bill" Werkheiser

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) of the Department of the Interior is nearing the end of a survey (2012-2023) that’s meant to determine the state of the nation’s groundwater, specifically the nation’s aquifers through direct sampling. Interesting facts on the USGS website, about 140 million people in the U.S. rely on groundwater for drinking. 68 regional extensive aquifers called principal aquifers supply almost 50 percent of the nation’s drinking water.

The aquifer testing targeted 20 heavily used key aquifers. Within these key aquifers over 600 supply wells were tested in the North, South, East and Western regions of the country. The 600 tested aquifers are part of 9 principal aquifers that have been tested to date. The testing results for the nine principal tested aquifers are in and the results aren’t very good. It was revealed that inorganic constituents exceeded limits, elements such as arsenic, fluoride & manganese also exceeded limits, while radioactive and nitrate constituents likewise exceeded limits.

In a press conference acting USGS Director William Werkheiser asked the green glowing people in the back why they were wearing costumes, they replied we’re not, while at the same time calling the Director some harsh names. After the initial shock of the name calling, Director Werkheiser began to laugh, saying recently we changed the water standards to allow the current level of toxicity, saying maybe we erred. In that case, we’ll roll the changes back so your kids don’t begin to glow at least not immediately.

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Failing school, no problem, you have Dyslexia

Picture of Rep Addia Wuchner

The “Kentucky Ready to Read Act 2018” is a legislation proposal by Republican Representative Addia Wuchner of Florence Kentucky.  This pending legislation is meant to aid educators & parents in helping schools better prepare and deal with dyslexic students. Response to intervention (RTI) will reduce suspensions & criminalizing perceived bad student behavior by systematically assisting, reviewing and retraining underperforming schools & students.

Rep. Wuchner in a testimony to the Interim Joint Committee on Health and Welfare and Family Services declared the proposed legislation as a requirement for meeting the healthcare & educational needs of todays and tomorrow’s students and educators. By changing the definition of dyslexia and rebranding the illness Rep. Wuchner is hoping to remove negative stereo types revolving around the conditions that tend to negatively impact those diagnosed as being dyslexic.

In a bold statement Executive Director of Communication for the Education and Workforce Development Cabinet Jessica Fletcher believes “80% people with poor reading skills are likely dyslexic”. During an alleged press conference Rep. Wuchner made it clear all underperforming students are in that situation not because of the underfunding of schools nor the fault of educators. Instead it’s the parents who are at fault for having these broken kids that now must be fixed by the school system.

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Combined Sewage Overflow OK’d for Great Lakes

Picture of Scott Pruitt EPA Administrator

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is finalizing & implementing section 425 of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016. Which will allow greater pollution and raw sewage to be dumped, sorry strategically placed in various lakes in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania & New York.

Studies show unchecked raw sewage can cause a smorgasbord of illnesses including intestinal, respiratory and infectious diseases. The proposed rule change, suggests the EPA work with local authorities to create a possible notification system that would warn citizens when their bathing, drinking and recreational water is contaminated.

In an alleged press conference Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Scott Pruitt said “the thought is that the combined sewer overflow (CSO) or discharges to the Great Lakes should be communicated to citizens so they can protect themselves when discharges of sewage are made”.

Last week following Scotts presentation an adorable couple moved in Scotts neighborhood, early the next morning little independent Bobby decided to brush his teeth for the 1st time with that new brown toothpaste, he began to cry as if in pain. Scared, his parents rushed into the bathroom, saw what was happening & said son don’t play in the toilet. Little Bobby pointed to the sink & said they didn’t tell us on time, while the brown paste dripped from his crying lips.

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Reduced Federal Minimum Wage to be Approved

Picture of Global Cooperation

The Department of Labor (DL) is proposing to change the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938 to roll back wage requirements for service workers, specifically those earning tips & an hourly wage. Current rules for such employers require employees be paid the federal minimum wage ($7.25). However, the proposal will allow employers to consider employee tips as part of that federal minimum wage thus reducing any businesses obligation to pay its service workers.

In the last decade many businesses have required service workers to pool their tip earnings, this practice will be expanded across industries as the pooling will subsidize a business’s obligation to pay its employees, this change will directly lead to more profits by reducing wage overhead expenses for businesses to the detriment of employees and the customers they serve.

As the third shift a of a 24hour restaurant came in for their shift, patrons of the restaurant were stunned to see the employees marched in the restaurant in handcuffs and chains. When an outraged customer asked the shift manager what’s going on the manager replied this is our slave labor force, we have to treat them like this so they remember their place, we’re making America great again, we’re not there yet but we’re on our way to getting there said the manager.

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Aircraft Discharge Approved in Protected Waters

Picture of sick earth

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) will change the 1972 National Maritime Sanctuaries Act law which was created to protect “significant waters” and to protect historical shipwrecks and aquatic species. This changing of the law will allow Coast Guard Vessels & Aircraft to dump untreated vessel sewage and graywater in the protected waters of the “Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary (GFNMS) and Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary (CBNMS).

The National Marine Sanctuary System includes over a dozen water sanctuary areas spanning more than 150k miles of waters that crisscross around many states. Untreated sewage and graywater have been known to reduce or dissolve oxygen within water. As the untreated sewage decomposes, it requires oxygen to make this transition thus extracting it from the local waters; this process is referred to as “biological oxygen demand” and can devastate whole ecosystems if enough raw sewage and graywater is discharged from the National Guard Vessels & Aircraft.

As a no named family was vacationing on their rental yacht, the young son in the group said Mom/Dad look, it looks like poop dropping from that plane. Mom, interrupted saying that’s not a good thing to say, adding you’re grounded for that young man. When the boy said Mom, you don’t understand. She responded you’re right, when I was your age I didn’t speak like that to my parents. Annoyed, the boy said Mom I was being polite, let me clarify, there’s shit dropping from the sky. Dad jumped in, honey go inside there’s shit falling all over the place, look out for the brown turds of mass destruction.

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Miniature Grapefruits coming to a store near you

Picture of grapefruit

The Citrus Administrative Committee (CAC) wants to change the minimum size requirements prescribed for grapefruits & other citrus goodies. CAC wants grapefruit allowable size to be decreased from 35/16 inches (diameter) to 3 inches (diameter). In a weird government way, how is 3 inches smaller than 35/16, only the government can explain that, hopefully the explanation makes sense but I wouldn’t count on it.

This proposed change would amend the Agricultural Marketing Agreement Act of 1937 which was what the Florida grapefruit industry needed after suffering crop losses from Hurricane Irma. In a more insidious way the grapefruit industry is blaming the need to allow smaller fruit on hurricanes, when in reality a large part of the problem stems from Citrus Greening (CG), officially called Huanglongbing (HLB) or Yellow Dragon Disease which once infected by this bacteria a tree can no longer take in necessary nutrients making CG trees produce smaller, sourer, dryer and discolored fruit and there’s no cure for CG.

With the proposed changes lawmakers are calling this a win win, saying the grapefruit industry will get to sell its bad product, and consumers can enjoy the bad product, saying they’ll eventually get use to the shriveled, dry unappealing sour fruit. Officials continued they’ll even get use to the higher prices, as they’re dummies & we’ll say buying the fruit is the patriotic thing to do. This will get them buying, in fact lets blame it on refugees, this will boost sales & guarantee us reelection.

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