FCC to Steal or Restore Internet Freedom

Since the 1980’s income growth for all but the top 10% of the U.S. citizenry has stagnated and in many cases declined. The thought was to concentrate money in the hands of the job creators, who would in turn use the additional wealth to create more jobs, this phenomenon would become known as the trickledown effect (TE). TE never came to fruition, in fact it’s safe to say it was and still is a bad experiment in economics with most Americans ending up on the losing end of the experiment.

To see numbers on the lasting effects of TE see the two census links below. Now that it’s widely agreed TE doesn’t work, lawmakers are bent on proving it does. To this end, lawmakers want to “restore internet freedom”. By redefining media markets so that cartels and monopolies can control the countries media by eliminating ownership bans & restrictions. And if that wasn’t enough the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to remove net neutrality, which guarantees all internet users the same speed of access when using the internet.

Paragraph one above shows the intent & outcome of TE, paragraph two shows lawmakers determinism to make TE work. To be fair this FCC proposed rule change may do wonderful things for the U.S. economy and its citizens, to find out lawmakers need the sheep to standby wait and see. In an alleged speech to the media FCC Chairman Pai, said “me & my rich friends want a bigger share of the pie not Pai”, at this point the chairman couldn’t control is laughter (he thought what a good joke, no one was laughing), after several minutes and a glass of water chairman pie said “we’re going to give control of America’s media to a few wealthy individuals, along with that my friends are going to give those same rich people big tax cuts in a few days but it’ll benefit all of you” at that point he laughed so hard he began to fart and couldn’t continue his speech.


More can be found at https://www.fcc.gov/restoring-internet-freedom and at https://www.fcc.gov/news-events/blog/2017/10/20/thoughtfully-modernizing-commissions-media-ownership-rules and at https://apps.fcc.gov/edocs_public/attachmatch/FCC-17-60A1_Rcd.pdf and at http://transition.fcc.gov/Daily_Releases/Daily_Business/2017/db1024/FCC-17-134A1.pdf and at https://www.census.gov/library/publications/2017/demo/p60-259.html and at https://www.census.gov/newsroom/press-releases/2014/cb14-156.html

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