Government & Industry Perfect Spying on Citizens

Picture of FAA Administrator Michael Huerta

October 2017 the administration launched an initiative to increase public surveillance with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones. This initiative opts to partner the federal government with private industry, state, local & tribal governments to improve techniques for unconstitutional public spying. Strategically by allocating federal dollars to local jurisdictions the administration is hoping to get (greedy) onboard states & local governments to write laws that further the administrations citizen surveillance goals.

The program intends to improve line of site surveillance & remote sensing techniques. This new total surveillance world will be implemented under the auspices of protecting the public. On the legal side of this increased spying, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) does not regulate how UAS gathers data on people or property, leaving citizens with few rights to oppose the data warehousing of personal facial, behavioral or social information.

By partnering with companies such as SZ DJI Technology a China based company and one of the largest manufacturers of UAS, a citizen could find their entire personal portfolio in any government’s data warehouse without any rights or knowledge of such records. In an alleged board meeting Michael Huerta the FAA Administrator communicated the government & private industry can package & use gathered consumer data as new profitable products, changing consumers into products to be exploited.

Huerta, continued “citizens not wanting personal data exploited will pay a sum to have their records omitted & every year they’ll have to repay again to maintain that privacy. This is a win win for us, we’ll profit off of packaging their data, and we’ll leak some information prompting citizens of leaked data to pay for the removal of such data”. Continuing, “this is what the dumb public deserves, they should be exploited, as they don’t even vote in their own best interest, their dummies and deserve this treatment”.

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