Congressional Watchdog (GAO) Sounds Liability Bell

Every two years the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) better known as the “congressional watchdog” reviews federal agencies for waste, mismanagement, fraud, systemic abuses & certain problems. Agencies deemed to need restructuring find themselves on a high risk list of departments needing immediate change on the GAO’s High Risk” report to congress. GAO’s recommendations aren’t binding but most agencies adhere to some if not all of GAO’s recommendations over time.

In the latest 2017 assessment GAO reviewed prior year recommendations for various agencies and found that many departments complied with the recommended changes. While adding some agencies are determined not to change. In outlining money spent by departments, GAO noted Federal Environmental Liabilities in some departments continue dramatic climbs from year to year despite recommendations and attempts to slow or bring down the rising costs.

In an alleged speech GAO Comptroller General Gene Dodaro said three new areas of high risk have been identified:

  • Management of Federal Programs that serve Tribes
  • Federal Environmental Liabilities
  • The 2020 Decennial Census

Comptroller Dodaro addressed each during this supposed speech, saying those pesky Indians, many federal agencies like the Bureau of Indian Education and Indian Affairs, the Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service and more are racking up the dollars helping those pesky Indians even though the tribe they’re helping has been dead for a century. During Q&A when asked where has the money gone, Dodaro said it’s the Indians, their taking it, when he leaned over to a colleague saying if I blame them long enough people will start to believe it.

When asked about the exploding Environmental Liabilities Dodaro said if we let the environment go, it’ll save the federal government billions of dollars. Adding I vote for no more environmental spending, however we must spend a few billion environmental dollars on those pesky Indians, just then he leaned over to his friend saying, I think my trick is working, look how all the dummies areĀ  nodding their heads.

Wrapping up his speech Dodaro said the 2020 Decennial Census is a constitutional requirement, regardless of the expense it must be carried out. But I want to make it clear the costs will triple starting with this year because of those pesky Indians. Adding, those four reservations needing to be counted will cost us one trillion to count, when suddenly Dodaro whispered to his friend get ready to be rich as those gullible dopes will now be mad at the dead Indians for wrecking the country.

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