CO2 Catastrophe not Deterrent for Government

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry is projected to award 36 million in grant money for promising projects linked to advancing Carbon Capture Technologies. The federal financial assistance will be awarded by the Office of Fossil Energy (FE) which will aid in supporting joint private & federal research for the creation of new technologies that will capture carbon dioxide and inject it into the earth. The proposed process will capture carbon dioxide a byproduct of power plants or some industrial process, compress the captured carbon dioxide, transport it, finally it’ll be injected deep underground in rock formations.

Underground injections (geologic sequestration) will be at a depth of 5,280 feet or one mile. At this depth and only being injected into sandstone, shale, dolomite, basalt, deep coal seams or porous rock, experts are convinced there’s little danger in the concept and eventual underground injection systems that will be deployed throughout the United States. Because the carbon dioxide will be under several layers of rock & will continuously be monitored for seepage the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has dubbed these projects a priority for U.S. leadership in reducing greenhouse gases and in the creation of leading edge carbon reduction technologies.

In an alleged speech Secretary Perry chimed we’re at the forefront of a new age, an age when coal can be used all over the world without harm to the environment. He continued, our sequestration technology will allow us to inject carbon under constituent homes and not risk their health. This is when a reporter asked, isn’t that what was said about fracking, that it was safe and would lead to unlimited sources of natural gas with no environment cost? Secretary Perry and it has, the reporter yelled what about the earthquakes, they’re up fivefold since fracking began. Secretary Perry, well yes it’s up but no one has died from it, so with this new technology no one will die from it either, they’ll just be a little dumber as the seeping carbon dioxide will kill parts of their already dumb brains.

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