Regulatory Integrity Shunned by Uncle Sam

February 2017 legislatures of the 115th Congress had a weak moment, they thought to themselves sunlight is the best disinfectant for this polarized government. So, a few legislatures such as Representative (Rep.) Tim Walberg (R-MI), Rep. Earl Carter (R-GA, not related to Jimmy), Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) & others set out to make the government more transparent. By requiring executive agencies post proposed rule changes on the agencies website or in the rulemaking docket.

This proposed rule change will cover all pending regulatory actions proposed by an agency & requires rule timelines, descriptions, status, related actions, intended audience, the allowance for public feedback and more be disclosed on the agencies website for public viewership and/or comments. H.R. 1004 introduced by Rep. T. Walberg began February 2017, was altered again in February 2017, was further amended in March 2017. As the bill made its way through congress Rep. Pete Sessions created a sister bill (H.Res.156) intending to amend parts of H.R. 1004.

Later H.Res.156 also married H.R.1004 with H.R.1009, intending to amend title 44, of the United States Code requiring “Regulatory Affairs review regulations, and for other purposes” I’m not sure what this means but ok. But wait there’s more; companion bill S.676 was introduced dubbed “OIRA Insight, Reform, and Accountability Act” which married all four bills. Now collectively no one knows what they mean or which agency will have jurisdiction.

In a private conversation Rep. Walberg could be herd saying, these clowns messed up my bill. I was trying to make the government better by saying disclose your actions and intentions to the public thus minimizing government secrets & hopefully improving the partisan politics paralyzing the government. Rep. Walberg continued I even gave the agencies choice to post the required information on their website or the federal register. When a reporter said sorry to interrupt, but I have one question. What is it said Rep. Walberg, the reporter replied I noticed you also cosponsored one of the bills that hijacked your H.R.1004 bill. Why would you do that asked the reporter?

The Rep. replied people are dumb, even though my names listed as a cosponsor on the other bill my constituents won’t believe it, they’ll think it’s fake. The dummies deserve it, I’ll keep giving them the fantasy & they’ll keep electing me. It’s a beautiful symbiosis; I rule they follow what could be better asked the Rep.?

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