Tackling the Nations Homelessness Epidemic

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), National Center for Homeless Education (NCHE), United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH), American Institutes for Research (AIR), U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and more are some of the agencies tasked with monitoring, improving and eliminating the homelessness problem plaguing the country. In a 2014 HUD report, on any given night nearly 600,000 people are homeless, with nearly 25% being children. Recently, the growing opioid epidemic is making the task of controlling & eliminating homelessness much more difficult.

Because of the vast numbers of homeless, the geographies involved, revolving incarceration, individual rights, addictions, drug cartels improving supply chain, family dynamics & complications, law enforcement, contrary laws for and against homelessness, many jurisdictions are finding it difficult to come up with coherent strategic and tactical plans for tackling homelessness. Jurisdictions are searching for plans that won’t bankrupt taxpayers, keeps city streets safe, makes cities competitive and gives all residents a place to live has been elusive because the diplomatic will hasn’t been there to improve the homelessness situation.

In an alleged speech USICH Executive Director Matthew Doherty spoke of the need to end “racial inequities and other disparities” contributing to the nations homeless problem. As Matthew gave his speech the eyeballs of his staff could visibly be seen rolling in circles which disturbed some reporters. As Matthew neared the end of his presentation a reporter asked, is your staff aligned with your goals? Mr. Doherty, chimed my staff is completely aligned with me, in fact we’re all moving our residence to the streets to show anyone can become homeless, our homeless encampment will be known as “Homeless Hall”.

After the presentation a contingent of reporters set out to find “Homeless Hall” but a new tent city was nowhere to be found. Many days went by when a reporter said there’s a new building in skid row, maybe we should check it out, so a contingent checked it out, sure enough the building was named “Homeless Hall”. It’s a splendid building with a red carpet entry runway guarded by homeless guards. It has an Olympic size swimming pool with homeless lifeguards, a world class restaurant with homeless waitresses & busboys. The four story luxury building even has homeless centuries on each floor and homeless elevator operators to safely move Matthew, his staff & guests around within the building.

During Q&A at the luxurious media center of “Homeless Hall” a reporter chimed living here is not living as if homeless, explain your behavior. Matthew exclaimed I needed a command post to manage my official duties and yes to live as a homeless person. While living here at “Homeless Hall” I’ve found it’s not so bad being homeless. Because of this I’m ending programs meant to eliminate homelessness because it’s not so bad. During working hours each day I would spend several minutes living as if homeless & not once was I depressed nor did I have thoughts of suicide or any other dangerous thoughts. For these reasons & more I’m advocating for more homelessness. In fact, I’m urging other officials to take actions to ensure homelessness grows.

As a result of my advice redistribution from lower income Americans to the top earners will soon be a reality. Because, taxes on ultra-high income earners will be reduced with the proposed tax cuts of the Trump administration. Of course the middle class will have to pick up the delta, by giving up mortgage & personal deductions, losing the child credit deduction, and by having more low income families fall into the Alternative Minimum Tax bracket (AMT). But wait there’s more, itemized deductions for most will be eliminated, also people living in high tax state & local government areas will lose those deduction claims on federal forms.

But wait there’s still more, when interest rates were low these past few years since the great recession mostly the wealthy, banks and Wall Street benefited from barrowing & loaning to each other at tax payer’s expense because they (government) guaranteed the loans against default. Now that interest rates are going up from historic lows, taxpayers (Main Street) will experience higher mortgages, auto, student and other loan rate increases. This change will in turn increase loan defaults leading to increased loan indebtedness for taxpayers benefitting the one percent. So, to come full circle once again we’ve proven privatizing profits & socializing loss is good for the country. To continue summarizing because of these actions there will be more homelessness while the ultra-rich get richer, we really are making the country great again.

More can be found at https://www.samhsa.gov/homelessness-programs-resources and at http://nche.ed.gov/ibt/aw_statistics.php and at http://www.air.org/resource/americas-youngest-outcasts-report-card-child-homelessness and at https://www.childstats.gov/ and at https://www.usich.gov/news/calling-for-your-voices-strengthening-the-federal-strategic-plan-through-confronting-and-addressing-inequity and at https://www.usich.gov/news/our-core-values-and-truths-as-we-work-to-strengthen-the-federal-strategic-plan

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