DOE fighting for the right to be in the Stone Age

Picture of Energy Secretary Rick Perry

March 2018, President Trump required heads of agencies to review current orders, guidance documents, policies, agency actions and more by signing Executive Order (EO) 13783 which was created & signed to help unravel former energy regulations & to promote U.S. energy independence while spurring economic growth. So, in April 2017 United States Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary Rick Perry directed his staff to form a task force of experts to study & review the reliability of U.S. electricity markets.

The task force was directed to review three aspects of the current electricity market:

  1. The extent regulations interfere with the markets efficiency
  2. If wholesale, capacity & government handouts are adequately compensating coal electricity producers
  3. The extent tax policies & mandates are limiting handouts to coal electricity producers

The task force produced a 187 page document that unveiled startling discoveries such as:

  1. The U.S. electricity market will face global competition and challenges from renewable energy providers (no way, says who?)
  2. Energy is getting cheaper (really?)
  3. Electricity is crucial to modern society (when wasn’t it crucial?)
  4. Electricity helps people see at night & promotes safer streets (why weren’t they embarrassed to write this stuff?)
  5. Natural gas replaced coal as main source of electricity (I got tired of hearing this on the news, why didn’t they know it?)
  6. There’s more you’ll have to read for yourself

The reports data for the study was primarily gathered by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) which places blame on five primary drivers of the coal industries demise:

  1. Unconventional natural gas production (shale)
  2. The 2008 recession
  3. Wholesale electricity markets (Regional Transmission Operators (RTOs) and Independent System Operators (ISOs)
  4. Government interference through environmental regulations, taxes, mandates, state & federal policies
  5. Variable renewable energy resources (VRE) such as wind & solar energy

Conclusion, the coal industry must survive, government subsidies are required while new energy providers should be forced to subsidize coal as well. Lastly, regulations controlling coal pollution and environmental damage must be rolled back to make the dying industry sustainable and possibly profitable. In a press conference Secretary Perry said we learned a lot from the task force work such as which way is up or down and which way is left or right. He continued, before renewable energy without coal there would of been nothing but darkness at night, coal changed that reality, thank you. No one clapped, the audience waited for the punch line but that was it.

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Antibiotic use not slowing as Needed

Picture of FDA Commissioner

Pre 1996 new animal drugs were dispensed one of two ways, either over-the-counter (OTC) or by prescription. That same year Congress created the Animal Drug Availability Act (ADAA) which gave new drugs faster distribution & entry points into the animal feed market. Contrary to belief ADAA was also used to control & limit the use of medicated feed by moving those controls under the supervision of licensed veterinarians. The intent was to have licensed veterinarians reduce antimicrobial use thereby reducing the likelihood of further drug resistant bacteria. To enforce this change a new category of products was created dubbed the Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) drugs.

In 2015, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published 21 CFR 558.6 a final ruling which revised the VFD regulation. This change linked the VFD with the Small Entity Compliance Guide (SECG), which helped small business to comply with VFD regulations. By aligning the SECG with section 212 of the Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness Act (Public Law 104-121) controls were put in place to limit industry control over drug feed usage, thus moving those controls to licensed veterinarians.

In December 2016 the FDA implemented Guidance #213 which made it illegal to use some antibiotics without the consent of a licensed veterinarian. To go one step further, farmers must have a veterinarian client patient relationship (VCPR) as a requirement to obtaining permission to order & use certain feed drugs. Within the rule guidelines agriculture industry experts and the healthcare industry have concerns that current controls aren’t stringent enough to control antibiotic use in feedstock animals.

As an example some small farmers and all commercial farmers have licensed veterinarians on their staff payrolls, because of this reality the last two decades have shown there are no controls over antibiotic use in the agriculture industry. In a press conference given by FDA Commissioner Dr. Scott Gottlieb when asked isn’t humanity at risk if we don’t control antibiotic use? Dr. Gottlieb allegedly replied, there are 18 drug resistant threats to the U.S., 3 of which are urgent, 12 are serious and 3 are concerning threats.

To overcome these threats and to keep further drugs from becoming drug resistant we’re asking industry experts and companies to please limit their antibiotic use (FDA guidelines aren’t legally enforceable). When a reporter asked why doesn’t the FDA just create laws to control usage instead of guidelines? Dr. Gottlieb further replied, are you insane, only the poor are dying and or will die from having drug resistant bacteria in their food supply & bodies. The rich myself included only eat at organic restaurants & buy our food from small organic farmers, not from commercial farmers that fill supermarket shelfs with that poison, all I ask is that the rest of you folks die on time.

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Government to Advertise within Private Property

Picture of Baltimore Major Catherine Pugh

The Major & City Council of Baltimore along with 9 states are combining to fight a challenge to a law that gave local lawmakers the right to mandate Private Religious Organizations advertise the government’s message within the premises of said entities. The ordinance requires Private Religious Organizations post the governments message even if contrary to the charter of such private institutions. Law makers justify the ordinance saying it protects consumers from one sided religious & pro-life practices of misinforming the public based on the beliefs and moral convictions of such organizations.

In a speech the Major of Baltimore Catherine Pugh allegedly said this is a foot in the door law, what we really want is Uncle Sam’s Poster in every bed room in the country. We want couples to know even while engaging in bedroom sports Uncle Sam is allowing the activity free of taxes. In addition, we want private religious institutions & soon to be private businesses to advertise the government as if it’s a product to be bought & sold, our mission is to increase the governments brand then we can profit from it.

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Regulatory Integrity Shunned by Uncle Sam

Picture of Rep Tim Walberg

February 2017 legislatures of the 115th Congress had a weak moment, they thought to themselves sunlight is the best disinfectant for this polarized government. So, a few legislatures such as Representative (Rep.) Tim Walberg (R-MI), Rep. Earl Carter (R-GA, not related to Jimmy), Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) & others set out to make the government more transparent. By requiring executive agencies post proposed rule changes on the agencies website or in the rulemaking docket.

This proposed rule change will cover all pending regulatory actions proposed by an agency & requires rule timelines, descriptions, status, related actions, intended audience, the allowance for public feedback and more be disclosed on the agencies website for public viewership and/or comments. H.R. 1004 introduced by Rep. T. Walberg began February 2017, was altered again in February 2017, was further amended in March 2017. As the bill made its way through congress Rep. Pete Sessions created a sister bill (H.Res.156) intending to amend parts of H.R. 1004.

Later H.Res.156 also married H.R.1004 with H.R.1009, intending to amend title 44, of the United States Code requiring “Regulatory Affairs review regulations, and for other purposes” I’m not sure what this means but ok. But wait there’s more; companion bill S.676 was introduced dubbed “OIRA Insight, Reform, and Accountability Act” which married all four bills. Now collectively no one knows what they mean or which agency will have jurisdiction.

In a private conversation Rep. Walberg could be herd saying, these clowns messed up my bill. I was trying to make the government better by saying disclose your actions and intentions to the public thus minimizing government secrets & hopefully improving the partisan politics paralyzing the government. Rep. Walberg continued I even gave the agencies choice to post the required information on their website or the federal register. When a reporter said sorry to interrupt, but I have one question. What is it said Rep. Walberg, the reporter replied I noticed you also cosponsored one of the bills that hijacked your H.R.1004 bill. Why would you do that asked the reporter?

The Rep. replied people are dumb, even though my names listed as a cosponsor on the other bill my constituents won’t believe it, they’ll think it’s fake. The dummies deserve it, I’ll keep giving them the fantasy & they’ll keep electing me. It’s a beautiful symbiosis; I rule they follow what could be better asked the Rep.?

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Profitable Government Health Surveillance

Picture Fogarty Dir. Roger Glass

Non-Government health surveillance of public data is and has been conducted by many organizations including but not limited to faith based organizations, trade associations, industry groups, academia, non-profit organizations, funding agencies, research institutions, private for profit companies, professional agencies, rogue non-government entities, international world organizations, international & domestic government co-ops and more.

Typical government agencies collecting, surveilling & mining public health data are agencies such as The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), National Institutes of Health (NIH), World Health Organization (WHO, aka U.S. Government?), USAID, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), Departments of State or Local Health Services Organizations (DSHS), US Military, Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) & other more obvious governmental groups not listed.

More & more personal data must be freely given to corporations by consumers when interacting; the same applies when the public interacts with the government. As this data is aggregated, disseminated, traded & made profitable many ethical questions have been raised regarding public safety, acceptable risk, stigmatizations, trust & public support for government surveillance. As a matter of recourse the public has little knowledge of the big data & profits generated from their personal data, but that’s half the story. When data is incorrect the public has little knowledge to this fact & if known has little chance getting the data corrected in the various databases warehousing the misinformation.

Additional resources & new ethics standards or laws have been the cry of many institutions, researchers and citizens as the mantra for big data & analysis continues to grow. There’s no doubt big data has made predicting outbreaks & minimizing their harm easier, the question is at what cost to personal liberties. Warning some of the following comments are graphic in nature & not appropriate for minors. Director of The Fogarty international Center Dr. Roger Glass allegedly said in a press conference as we move into areas hit by devastation we must have people’s personal data in order to help.

As an example, in the last disaster for each piece of personal data freely given the citizen would be given a grain of rice. So, for a family of four if they pooled their resources they could make an adequate meal of the rice, supporting them for a day. And, if the ailing family or families didn’t have enough sellable data making them profitable they wouldn’t be given shit, said the director. Emphasizing goodness & help only goes but so far, explaining the organization must be maintained & that’s done by obtaining & selling personal data.

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Tackling the Nations Homelessness Epidemic

Picture of USICH Director Matthew Doherty

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), National Center for Homeless Education (NCHE), United States Interagency Council on Homelessness (USICH), American Institutes for Research (AIR), U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD) and more are some of the agencies tasked with monitoring, improving and eliminating the homelessness problem plaguing the country. In a 2014 HUD report, on any given night nearly 600,000 people are homeless, with nearly 25% being children. Recently, the growing opioid epidemic is making the task of controlling & eliminating homelessness much more difficult.

Because of the vast numbers of homeless, the geographies involved, revolving incarceration, individual rights, addictions, drug cartels improving supply chain, family dynamics & complications, law enforcement, contrary laws for and against homelessness, many jurisdictions are finding it difficult to come up with coherent strategic and tactical plans for tackling homelessness. Jurisdictions are searching for plans that won’t bankrupt taxpayers, keeps city streets safe, makes cities competitive and gives all residents a place to live has been elusive because the diplomatic will hasn’t been there to improve the homelessness situation.

In an alleged speech USICH Executive Director Matthew Doherty spoke of the need to end “racial inequities and other disparities” contributing to the nations homeless problem. As Matthew gave his speech the eyeballs of his staff could visibly be seen rolling in circles which disturbed some reporters. As Matthew neared the end of his presentation a reporter asked, is your staff aligned with your goals? Mr. Doherty, chimed my staff is completely aligned with me, in fact we’re all moving our residence to the streets to show anyone can become homeless, our homeless encampment will be known as “Homeless Hall”.

After the presentation a contingent of reporters set out to find “Homeless Hall” but a new tent city was nowhere to be found. Many days went by when a reporter said there’s a new building in skid row, maybe we should check it out, so a contingent checked it out, sure enough the building was named “Homeless Hall”. It’s a splendid building with a red carpet entry runway guarded by homeless guards. It has an Olympic size swimming pool with homeless lifeguards, a world class restaurant with homeless waitresses & busboys. The four story luxury building even has homeless centuries on each floor and homeless elevator operators to safely move Matthew, his staff & guests around within the building.

During Q&A at the luxurious media center of “Homeless Hall” a reporter chimed living here is not living as if homeless, explain your behavior. Matthew exclaimed I needed a command post to manage my official duties and yes to live as a homeless person. While living here at “Homeless Hall” I’ve found it’s not so bad being homeless. Because of this I’m ending programs meant to eliminate homelessness because it’s not so bad. During working hours each day I would spend several minutes living as if homeless & not once was I depressed nor did I have thoughts of suicide or any other dangerous thoughts. For these reasons & more I’m advocating for more homelessness. In fact, I’m urging other officials to take actions to ensure homelessness grows.

As a result of my advice redistribution from lower income Americans to the top earners will soon be a reality. Because, taxes on ultra-high income earners will be reduced with the proposed tax cuts of the Trump administration. Of course the middle class will have to pick up the delta, by giving up mortgage & personal deductions, losing the child credit deduction, and by having more low income families fall into the Alternative Minimum Tax bracket (AMT). But wait there’s more, itemized deductions for most will be eliminated, also people living in high tax state & local government areas will lose those deduction claims on federal forms.

But wait there’s still more, when interest rates were low these past few years since the great recession mostly the wealthy, banks and Wall Street benefited from barrowing & loaning to each other at tax payer’s expense because they (government) guaranteed the loans against default. Now that interest rates are going up from historic lows, taxpayers (Main Street) will experience higher mortgages, auto, student and other loan rate increases. This change will in turn increase loan defaults leading to increased loan indebtedness for taxpayers benefitting the one percent. So, to come full circle once again we’ve proven privatizing profits & socializing loss is good for the country. To continue summarizing because of these actions there will be more homelessness while the ultra-rich get richer, we really are making the country great again.

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Newsflash Coal needed for Future Competitiveness

Picture of NETL Director Grace Bochenek

The National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) has & is spending millions on investing in coal which the agency says is part of the U.S. Strategic vision towards being energy independent and competitive in the near and distant future. NETL which operates under the Department of Energy (DOE) announced nine projects intended to develop technologies to extract Rare Earth Elements (REEs) from coal byproducts.

REEs are a group of 17 elements found in the periodic table. REEs can be found in light rare earth (LREEs) or in heavy earth (HREEs). These elements are used in high technology and as substitute materials for other elements. To extract REEs coal mining will have to continue, but because REEs will be extracted during the coal mining process the environmental impact will be reduced because secondary mining won’t occur making mining for REEs a win-win says NETL.

Once as a kid I learned double negatives weren’t practical, in logic I  learned they were good for spinning facts & confusing the easily confused to get support for an idea or cause. NETL goes on to say mining for REEs will stimulate the economy which is music to most American ears. In an alleged press conference Director Grace Bochenek held a handful of dust saying these REEs are the future, she furthered just look at this extracted gold, noting its value as $200 dollars.

As Director Bochenek continued to speak an angry reported shouted didn’t it cost ten thousand to extract the gold dust, asking how does that help in anyway asked the reporter? Director Bochenek replied, sure it seems disparaging until you realize the people are easily fooled, I just told them it was patriotic to do this mining, so they agreed, more mining is needed. After the press conference Director Bochenek started to walk away when a reporter said why is that gold on your pants, blushingly Grace said, oh it’s leftovers from my gold plated shitter funded by taxpayers.

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Corporations Ok’d to Contaminate, Taxpayers Billed

Picture of Governor Scott Walker

The Department of Health Services (DHS) Wisconsin through its Environmental Public Health Tracking Program (July 2017) warned the public and officials of the growing water contamination epidemic plaguing the state. In Wisconsin two of every five households have private wells to meet their water needs. In the state, well water owners are responsible for testing, maintenance, cleanup and identifying hazardous contamination if present. If hazardous materials are found, homeowners are faced with the prospect of doing nothing or facing a large decontamination bill from contractors.

In notification brochures distributed to the public, officials communicated there concern for the increasing levels of contaminants such as Molybdenum, Aluminum, Strontium, Arsenic, Bacteria, Sodium, Nitrates and more in the publics drinking water sources. The Rock County Health Department (RCHD) sought additional funding from the Wisconsin Environmental Public Health Tracking Program after identifying locations with heightened levels of Nitrates and other carcinogenic chemicals. Armed with additional funding, RCHD set out to determine the sourcing of the chemical contamination in specific locations.

RCHD found the contamination was caused by locations such as industrial waste sites, municipal waste sites, commercial irrigation systems, commercial crop chemical systems, manure chemical runoff and more. Essentially, RCHD found the contamination to originate in small part from the natural environment in Wisconsin but in large part from big business commercial operations in the state. After detecting sourcing for the chemicals DHS sought to make the situation better presenting the public with guidelines to overcome their individual water contamination problems.

The 1st suggestion called for the public to boil their water before use. 2nd encourages the public to test their water more often, 3rd encourages the public to use rain gardens & bio retention systems, 4th suggests the public match nutrients to crop needs and 5th RCHD recommends the implementation of multicomponent groundwater management systems. However, nowhere in its written direction does RCHD hold corporate polluters accountable nor name them as part of the cleanup effort. Allegedly Governor Scott Walker said over the past two decades citizens have gained a 1% pay raise, they should be able to handle the expenses, if not we’ll lock them up for polluting.


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Rep. Babin Delays ELD to Save Small Business

Picture of Rep Brian Babin

In 2015 the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) made a rule requiring commercial drivers use Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) to replace manual log sheets. Manual logs have been used since 1938 for drivers to log on duty and off duty hours. The use of ELD was instated to reduce business and government compliance costs, remove company coercion to keep drivers on the road, to strengthen compliance laws & to reduce traffic accidents and avoidable death resulting from driver fatigue.

Federal regulations dictate the number of hours commercial drivers can safely operate a vehicle. The rules control driving and non-driving on duty hours which are meant to prevent bus & truck driver fatigue. According to the Commercial Motor Vehicle Fact sheets compiled by FMCSA, commercial vehicle accidents over the past few years are up for Police-Reported Motor Vehicle Traffic Crashes, Traffic Crash Victims injured or killed, Fatalities and injury rates per 100 Million Vehicle Miles Traveled, Costs of Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Crashes and more.

Fast forward to July 2017, Republican Representative Brian Babin of Texas introduced “H.R. 3282, the ELD Extension Act of 2017”, this legislation would delay ELD implementation for all. Under the old rules ELD had an out if drivers or companies could show hardship with the implementation, with this proposed change the delay would be broadened. When asked about this move and the increasing accidents Babin allegedly replied, I have a security car in front & back of my car when on the road. If a driver falls asleep crashing into my motorcade its ok, my escorts will die not me, so it’s all good.

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Minnesota Launches Broke Dead Beat Dad Video

Picture of Minn Governor Mark Dayton

According to the Census Bureau over 14 million custodial parents house over 23 million children without the other parent, who lives elsewhere. Custodial parent is the parent of record during survey interviews. Over 55% of custodial parents have one child, while over 31% of custodial mothers have incomes below the poverty line. Less than half of custodial parents have informal or formal child support agreements with the other parent. When agreements are in place & designated dates of payment are agreed upon, payers are better than 60% likely to make monthly payments on time.

Because of the costs of administering & monitoring child support the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) has created an eight minute video designed to aid parents in determining who the parents really are & what % of the parent they are, what?  The video has been translated into four languages, covers subjects such as custody, parenting time, child support and more. The video focuses on the niche of unmarried parents that haven’t decided nor established parentage. Maybe part II of the video will show how copulation works, positions, toys & and more, just kidding.

The DHS child support website acknowledges when parents are jailed for not paying obligations it becomes difficult to continue making child support payments when incarcerated, no kidding – I wonder when did the light turn on in their brains? They further acknowledge taking away a parents driver’s license has the same effect, without transportation that parent can’t get to and from work, wow another brilliant deduction – I can’t stand it. Because of this dilemma the Child Support Task Force seeks public comments on how to improve and support the DHS child support program. After getting involved, Governor Mark Dayton decided to politicize the event, proclaiming August Child Support Awareness Month.

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