More Government is Boon for Republican Senators

Picture of Rep Stuart-Adams-& Noman-Thurston

In an era when neither major political party can be seen as traditional, two Republican Senators move to lower the alcohol limit regarding driving under the influence laws. Junior Utah State Senators Norman Thurston and Stuart Adams cosponsored H.B. 155 “Driving Under the Influence and Public Safety Revisions” Bill. The proposed law will lower the blood or breath alcohol limit from .08 to .05 which if enacted will have a devastating financial impact on those that’ll be subject to this change.

Traditionally, Republicans are for repealing laws and getting the government out of its citizen’s lives. But this proposal gets the government more involved and will confiscate money mostly from citizens that won’t be able to afford legal representation. Statistics show American prisons are full of prisoners that couldn’t afford legal counsel, the issue of guilt is secondary to the accused being able to afford legal representation. Usually, if they can afford council – fines and penalties are dropped and/or greatly reduced and if council cannot be obtained, the accused is forced to plea bargain, resulting in jail time, massive fines and some form of recompense or restitution for alleged victims.

While in a press conference the two cosponsoring congressmen said now it’ll be practically illegal to have a glass of wine and drive, we want everyone in prison but our constituents, this way we’re sure to be reelected. With smirks the pair said we need to criminalize the population that way cronyism, vote rigging and kickbacks can continue to grow. The two continued we want all citizens to use Uber and lyft because it’ll make our roads safer, that’s why this bill is needed. When questioned how do they justify the increased financial burden on citizens the law makers said its better than a democrats new taxes, those can’t be avoided, but this expense can be, just don’t drink and there won’t be any financial penalties until we come up with one for thinking.

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