Little Marco wants to improve Terror Intelligence

Picture of Senator Marco Rubio R-FL

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) wants to improve terror intelligence for the nation’s law enforcement community & specifically for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Senator Rubio submitted S.151 a Bill requiring federal departments and/or agencies to disclose all and any information about a person or people who have been under some type of investigation for terrorism or terrorism related incidents within the past ten years. This broad definition could be stretched to include all citizens, allies, enemies & any other governmentally targeted groups.

By legislating and creating the “Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001” America greatly expanded government power while curtailing that of citizens and wood be terrorists.  This act otherwise known as the Patriot Act along with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) gave the government unprecedented power to spy on citizens, terrorists and grandma without any proof of wrong doing.

The Federal agency responsible for data mining innocent American’s data for possible transgressions is the National Security Agency (NSA), which presumes guilt before innocence as it unconstitutionally data mines citizen’s private records without cause & with little judiciary oversight.  With this additional granted power stemming from 9/11, little Marco accessed the situation (lucky for us) determining law enforcement agencies need more power (maybe we’re not so lucky).

During his Bill presentation to congress little Marco made a compassionate speech, hoping to rally his supporters and congress. As he spoke he asked who will stand with me on this bill, when his speech was concluded all of congress had left, the only company in the hall with Marco was crickets. Since its introduction the bill has not moved forward, there are no cosponsors and now little Marco is afraid to look up at fellow Senators as the giggles have given him a complex.

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Governor Scott Sticks it to Taxpayers Again

Picture Florida Governor Rick Scott

House Bill 155, better known as the “docs vs glocks” bill from 2011 prohibited doctors from talking to their patients about guns or gun safety. Medical privacy was one of the primary drivers for enacting HB 155 according to Floridian law makers. Under the terms of HB 155 a licensed health care facility or practitioner could not enter into a conversation discussing firearms, firearm safety, ammunition and more used by a patient or any relatives.

So, if a patient needs holes plugged from a firearm incident the doctors responsibility was only to plug the holes keeping the patient alive so that more holes could be made at a future date. Tired of bearing the brunt of this law Florida doctors and medical organizations sued to overturn HB 155. Through successful litigation HB 155 has finally been overturned (July 2017) with Florida Governor Rick Scott agreeing to reimbursing the doctor and medical organizations attorneys.

In his office talking to the press after the decision, the governor pointed to a bust of his cousins foot, saying I want to tell yawl a story. While out hunting my cousin accidentally shot his foot off. Upon feeling the searing pain he accidently released another round, hitting his wife, dislodging one of her breasts. Seeing, her breast flying away, she screamed in horror lost her balance & plunged face first into a strangers groin lodging two teeth in his private part.

Upon returning home the man’s wife shot him for loss of consortium. According to Governor Scott “had this law not been overturned everyone would of thought twice about their part in this tale, as they would of been shot for retribution not stupidity & for that the governor said this law needs to be overturned”.

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More Abortion Laws Needed to Stop Citizens

Picture of Republican Senator Rex Rice

Lawmakers in South Carolina (Jr. Senators) just realized the July 4, 1776 Declaration of Independence exists. In General Bill S.217 Senator Rex Rice, Cromer, Verdin, Davis, Peeler, Gambrell and others make startling revelations.  Article 5 of S.217 not only acknowledges the Declaration of Independence but it goes on to reveal other gems. Such as “all persons are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, who would of thought?

The geniuses go on to communicate personhood is God-given & that all men are created in the image of God, you don’t say, I wonder what side of the bed they got out of when they wrote this bill. While reading the senators revelations they definitively state “a human being vests at fertilization” I thought that was like a fish thing pickpocketing an egg, but ok maybe it is a person, who’s to say.

For a group that thinks the country has too many laws, republican senators seem to be at ease creating more laws. In H.R. 1192 Republican Representative Christopher Smith, aptly named his bill “Dismemberment Abortion Ban Act of 2017 which puts a stop to dismemberment abortion but doesn’t adequately define what it is, or maybe I missed that part. So, is it legal or not legal to dismember that swimming fish thing, inquiring minds want to know?

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Cotton Quality to Improve, Public Pays, Corps Profit

Picture of USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue

For over a decade U.S. farmers have been looking for ways to level the field when it comes to cotton exporting and importing. From 2006 thru 2015 U.S. cotton exports decreased while imports increased coming from nations such as China, Vietnam and Bangladesh. U.S. farmers and the farming industry place the blame for this change on employees. They claim wages are too high to be competitive against foreign cotton imports.

Because of this perceived constraint, the farming industry has spent this past decade working on improving cottons environmental potency, by testing ways to improve its yield and to make it more resistant to environmental changes, easier to grow and easier to cultivate without human intervention by modifying its DNA. In a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Research, Education & Economics Information System (REEIS) document summary the responsibility of creating improved cotton should rest with public institutions.

Many politicians agree with this sentiment, publicize losses and privatize profits. This phenomenon was made clear during the great recession of 2008, when businesses were dubbed too big to fail requiring taxpayer bailouts to survive. Many politicians suggest this is how many industries have survived & grown thru pubic intervention, making America great. In a press conference USDA Secretary Sonny Perdue said we sent the immigrants home, now we need cotton that’ll pick itself. Taxpayers should pay for this, because with further development the new cotton may wash itself saving them money.

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Government Sanctioned Worker Servitude

Picture of Utah Lawmakers Stuart-Adams-and-Mike-Schultz

The use of non-compete, post-employment restrictions, non-compete clauses, non-compete contracts, non-competition agreements, trade secret protection agreements, restrictive covenants and more have the same objective, to limit an employee’s future job opportunities. The stated employer goal is to limit exposure to the possible loss of trade secrets and to prevent employees from stealing customers only to begin new startups using those same customers. To curb this perceived problem employers increasingly require employees sign restrictive agreements that come into effect after an employee voluntarily or involuntarily leaves a company.

This corporate practice is a growing phenomenon in the United States. According to the U.S. Department of the Treasury (DOT), this practice stagnates wages, forces employees to stay in unwanted jobs, limits entrepreneurial startups, and helps corporations profit from suing former employees who have broken the terms of the employment contract. Because of this growing trend (14% of U.S. workers) many jurisdictions and legislatures are creating laws to strengthen employee’s rights, however at the same time lawmakers across the country are reluctant to put forth legislation to end or curtail this practice.

Instead lawmakers are trying to walk the line of appeasing both employers and employees. This non stance will help to ensure employees are on the losing end of current & future litigious battles with previous employers. Utah Republicans Representative Mike Schultz and Senator Stuart Adams (Majority Whip) in a press conference moved to ensure constituents signing non-compete clauses wasn’t tantamount to servitude, they said “you’re already owned by government and corporations, you just don’t know it, now we’re making it obvious, just sign the agreements because you’re chattel, now get back to work losers, while you still have a job”.

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More Government is Boon for Republican Senators

Picture of Rep Stuart-Adams-& Noman-Thurston

In an era when neither major political party can be seen as traditional, two Republican Senators move to lower the alcohol limit regarding driving under the influence laws. Junior Utah State Senators Norman Thurston and Stuart Adams cosponsored H.B. 155 “Driving Under the Influence and Public Safety Revisions” Bill. The proposed law will lower the blood or breath alcohol limit from .08 to .05 which if enacted will have a devastating financial impact on those that’ll be subject to this change.

Traditionally, Republicans are for repealing laws and getting the government out of its citizen’s lives. But this proposal gets the government more involved and will confiscate money mostly from citizens that won’t be able to afford legal representation. Statistics show American prisons are full of prisoners that couldn’t afford legal counsel, the issue of guilt is secondary to the accused being able to afford legal representation. Usually, if they can afford council – fines and penalties are dropped and/or greatly reduced and if council cannot be obtained, the accused is forced to plea bargain, resulting in jail time, massive fines and some form of recompense or restitution for alleged victims.

While in a press conference the two cosponsoring congressmen said now it’ll be practically illegal to have a glass of wine and drive, we want everyone in prison but our constituents, this way we’re sure to be reelected. With smirks the pair said we need to criminalize the population that way cronyism, vote rigging and kickbacks can continue to grow. The two continued we want all citizens to use Uber and lyft because it’ll make our roads safer, that’s why this bill is needed. When questioned how do they justify the increased financial burden on citizens the law makers said its better than a democrats new taxes, those can’t be avoided, but this expense can be, just don’t drink and there won’t be any financial penalties until we come up with one for thinking.

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