Gullible U.S. Pays $535m for Virtual Training

Traditionally U.S. armed forces focused on insurgency, counterinsurgency (COIN) and stabilizing operations. Only since the turn of the century has the U.S. military began to focus heavily on COIN as a major strategy for combating 21st century enemies. In dealing with its enemies and potential enemies the U.S. has the luxury of knowing its military capability is vastly superior to that of any other military power on the planet. Because of this superiority foes have chosen to use unconventional warfare combining ancient frontal war, and modern technology with insurgency and terrorism when confronting American forces or allies.

Because war and conflict are inevitable, military leaders have recommended preparing their troops for nonconventional warfare. And to pivot military focus from the Middle East to Asia because competition, tensions and the changing economic situation of nations will likely lead to war and conflict in that region. With the possibility of soldiers having to operate in two theatres of war the military is looking to broaden its members training because skillsets needed in the middle east would be vastly different than those needed in Asia. Because of the changing dynamics of war, required training in both the Army & Marine Corps will include gaming and virtual training.

In an effort to decrease training costs the Army decided to move from live combat training to that of virtual training. During a recruitment session recruits were treated to virtual & gaming training, while engaged some recruits said the training was like being high, invincible and Rambo at the same time. One recruit said I never knew killing could be so much fun, do heads really splatter like that when you shoot them in the head asked one recruit? The response was try this set, it has virtual families, see what you can do to them, mow the grass or trim the bushes. Either way you can become an expert with this half a $ billion set of virtual tools we just purchased from Hussein Virtual Express Game Makers.

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