Severe Weather Events Coming to a Town near You

The federal government over the past few decades has conducted many studies on earth’s changing climate. These studies include Atmospheric Science Work, Meteorological Research, Environmental Pollution Panels, Weather and Climate Modification Panels and more. In fact, during the Vietnam War of the 1970s, the U.S. government experimented with artificial rainmaking to be used as a weapon against the Vietnamese army.

Since the turn of the century the government has acknowledged global warming, charted the trends and made predictions on outcomes. Some of its conclusions are obvious, such as a warmer climate, increased rain, more intense storms, reduction of old weather patterns with introductions of new patterns across the globe. The government also concludes there will be more war as regions fight for dwindling resources, famine and drought. Economically, the government predicts there will be economic winners & losers as nations fight to maintain themselves.

The Department of Defense (DOD) estimates climate change will affect its infrastructure to the tune of almost one trillion dollars. This figure does not speak to other governmental agencies. In further analysis the government goes on to say money must be budgeted to help the government replenish infrastructure and to help businesses with lost revenue and property. Sounds good, but what about the little guy paying for all of this needed funding.

Governmental mitigation plans suggest large federal budgets be created & maintained to ensure the government can adequately deal with situations as they arise and to replenish business loss. In fact, there are several mentions of reimbursing businesses for possible & likely losses in the coming climate change scenarios. However, there is no mention of taxpayers and their potential losses, and why should there be? Taxpayers are dumb as stumps, fight each other at every turn, get distracted easily and generally want to be taken advantage of. Just ask the political party leaders.

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