Boston Bright Ideas Scheme takes Scalps

Rentsmart, Boston 2030, Analyze Boston, Imagine Boston, City Score & the Open Source toolkit are Government programs and initiatives designed to enhance the Bostonian experience. Officials such as Boston Mayor Martin Walsh, City Inspectional Services, Department of Innovation & Technology, Governor Charlie Baker, State Legislature and many others have conspired to improve Boston’s outlook. Recent and future changes are designed to address the city’s pain points. Such as immigration, health coverage, housing shortages, transportation safety, ever increasing higher education costs, stagnant wages, incarceration, failing schools and more.

With the stroke of his pen Mayor Walsh increased his 2018 budget to fund initiatives designed to overcome city challenges. This includes programs such as the implementation of the new default 25 mph speed limit. Meaning, if speed limit signs aren’t posted, drivers are to assume a speed limit of 25 mph thus avoiding traffic citations. How convenient, for the city and law enforcement, score one for the officials and zero for Joe public.

In a speech Mayor Walsh mentioned how he passed a new Lamborghini that was stalling & creeping up a big incline while adhering to the new speed limit. The mayor continued he was on crutches and still passed the vehicle. After arriving at his destination, then returning to the same route the mayor noticed the Lamborghini hasn’t made much progress. Just then he said to the owner don’t you feel safer & less rushed? When the driver turned, looked him dead in the eye & said please step in front of my vehicle.

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