Is Rat Infestations the New Normal?

New York, Virginia, Maryland, Milwaukee and other states are experiencing rampant pest growth. Pests such as rats, cockroaches, mice, snakes & more are propagating without constraint in many cities across the country. This growth is happening to the detriment of renters, landlords, governments & their economies. The Census Bureau has obtained infestation information from homeowners and tenants from the administering of its American Housing Survey.

The Survey speaks to over 10% of households saying within the past year they’ve seen signs that rodents are present. With many states and cities having twice the percentage of citizens seeing signs of infestation. Because of this many jurisdictions are implementing rodent reduction programs. In New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is committing $32 million towards rodent reduction efforts.

Across the country cities are acting with a sense of urgency, as the number of citizens contracting Leptospirosis (Lepto) a bacterial disease caused by animal urine is growing. Lepto has been documented to take one life and endanger other lives. Lepto doesn’t spread from human to human, however given time it may jump species. This reality has given many politicians the incentive to budget money for the eradication of this growing infestation.

In a press conference Mayor de Blasio said many poor are losing benefits in the current political climate, maybe they (the poor) can be convinced to share room & board with rodents removing the pests from more affluent areas. As reporters took in his statement, de Blasio added maybe we should build a wall around the poor restricting the vermin to living with the sick & under represented. After all, these people are used to abuse and famine, also now’s the time for these needy people to contribute. We need to make this country great again off the back of these poor people, why would they think anything has changed? In fact, I want to put exploitation on overdrive until this problem is eliminated, said the mayor.

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