V.A. Transparency Questions Hiring Practices

In an effort to displace negative press surrounding the Veterans Administration (VA) Trump appointee Secretary David Shulkin has been hard at work creating a culture of transparency, accountability and cluelessness within the Veterans Administration. After many hours of reviewing the VA’s mission, goals and objectives Shulkin and other officials decided an adverse employee action list would suffice to fix the agencies transparency and image woes.

The action list highlights questionable hiring practices. In fact, the list starkly resembles a prison rap sheet based on its inhabitants. The list reveals VA actions towards employee transgressions. Upon review of the list one cannot help but wonder why there are so many disciplinary actions. If the VA were only hiring convicts the actions would be understandable. But all new hires are interviewed and vetted, so why are such a high level of disciplinary actions needed?   

According to Secretary Shulkin highlighting disciplinary actions is intended to be a small step in the direction he wants to take the administration. It’s widely agreed this is a small step, in fact so small there isn’t a name for such a small measure. When addressing colleagues and his workforce Shulkin said “my fellow convicts and employee convicts, we must pretend and continue pretending we want improvement. All our image woes are because of you the employee, not leadership, that’s why I’m getting a bonus and you’re getting the shaft”.  

More can be found at https://www.va.gov/opa/pressrel/pressrelease.cfm?id=2927 and at https://www.va.gov/accountability/Adverse_Actions_Report.pdf

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