Horse slaughter Ban Overturned

Picture of Congressman Earl Blumenauer

The House Appropriations Committee decided a return to the past would be good for society. It seems throughout the U.S. government politicians are headstrong to undo laws that were created for the benefit of society. In the latest rollback, Congress has given the approval to remove protections designed to slow or stop horse slaughter within U.S. borders. Despite the overturning of horse protections many in Congress have vowed to reinstate what has been lost because most Americans believe horse slaughter should be banned.

Since the intervention of U.S. horse slaughter laws many ranchers have been sending their animals to Mexico and Canada for further processing (slaughter). However, with this repeal the exporting of the animals may no longer be necessary. Because of this the bipartisan Congressional Animal Protection Caucus was moved to hold hearings with the intent of passing new legislation to end horse slaughter within U.S. borders. This move is supported by many animal welfare and animal rights groups.

Many claim horse consumption as barbaric and as a practice that must end while their investment portfolios benefit from the practice. DC Congressman Earl Blumenauer vowed to roll back the bill while feeding his dog doggy steaks. When asked, what the steak meat comprised of he replied steaks for dogs. When another reporter jumped in saying, yeah but where do the steaks come from, after reflection he said the supermarket. And where does the supermarket get the dog steaks from asked another reporter, when he replied the dog steak factory. Just then, all the reporters blew their brains out because they couldn’t take it anymore.    

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