U.S. Alien Space Corps is now a Reality

The five U.S. military branches are the Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force. The latter branch is about to undertake a major overhaul. Because with bipartisan support Chairman Mike Rogers (R-AL) and ranking member of the Subcommittee on Strategic Forces Jim Cooper (D-TN) just released H.R.2810. This bill proposes to create a new branch of military service within the Air Force which’ll be dubbed “Space Corps”.   

This proposal will split the Air Force into two autonomous organizations, why does this sound like the epitome of government bureaucracy? The idea is to create a space command that will be linked to Strategic Command. The bill also directs the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) director to draft plans for placing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles in space only for defensive purposes, right? And if you believe that I have a bridge you need to buy ASAP.

There’s more, the bill wants authorization to purchase 24 “Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ” (THAAD) interceptor systems. Finally, they want to jointly align a space missile defense system with and for Israel, dubbing it the “Iron Dome”. In a press conference the two Congressmen said “war on earth isn’t enough, as soon as possible we’d like to start having wars in space too. We’ll have the ability to destroy any country from space in a moment’s notice and we’ll be able to bomb any refugees before they reach U.S. or Israeli borders”.

More can be found at https://armedservices.house.gov/news/press-releases/mark-release-subcommittee-strategic-forces and at http://docs.house.gov/meetings/AS/AS29/20170622/106134/BILLS-115HR2810ih.pdf

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