Is Rat Infestations the New Normal?

Picture of NY Mayor Bill de Blasio

New York, Virginia, Maryland, Milwaukee and other states are experiencing rampant pest growth. Pests such as rats, cockroaches, mice, snakes & more are propagating without constraint in many cities across the country. This growth is happening to the detriment of renters, landlords, governments & their economies. The Census Bureau has obtained infestation information from homeowners and tenants from the administering of its American Housing Survey.

The Survey speaks to over 10% of households saying within the past year they’ve seen signs that rodents are present. With many states and cities having twice the percentage of citizens seeing signs of infestation. Because of this many jurisdictions are implementing rodent reduction programs. In New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is committing $32 million towards rodent reduction efforts.

Across the country cities are acting with a sense of urgency, as the number of citizens contracting Leptospirosis (Lepto) a bacterial disease caused by animal urine is growing. Lepto has been documented to take one life and endanger other lives. Lepto doesn’t spread from human to human, however given time it may jump species. This reality has given many politicians the incentive to budget money for the eradication of this growing infestation.

In a press conference Mayor de Blasio said many poor are losing benefits in the current political climate, maybe they (the poor) can be convinced to share room & board with rodents removing the pests from more affluent areas. As reporters took in his statement, de Blasio added maybe we should build a wall around the poor restricting the vermin to living with the sick & under represented. After all, these people are used to abuse and famine, also now’s the time for these needy people to contribute. We need to make this country great again off the back of these poor people, why would they think anything has changed? In fact, I want to put exploitation on overdrive until this problem is eliminated, said the mayor.

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Laughable – Carbon Fiber Strips to Reinforce Bridges

Picture of Bridge

Arizona has made the executive decision to strengthen failing bridges with carbon fiber strips. This fix once applied removes designated structurally deficient bridges from the growing list of bridges in need of repairs. The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) has chosen to use carbon fiber strips as the tool for fixing ailing bridges. While other states have opted to use carbon fiber as a sleeve of reinforcement versus using it in strips but this technique is in its infancy.

When applying carbon fiber strips to bridges, workers literally wall paper fiber to the existing bridge of course in an aesthetically pleasing manner. And that’s it, they’re done. This makes for a shiny bridge but not an instantly structurally sound bridge. When viewed the bridges appear to be in good shape, but are they? This wall paper technique has been applied to two bridges near the I-17 corridor. During my planned trip to Arizona I’ll be sure to miss the 19th Avenue & Jefferson Street bridges at the I-17 corridor this way I’ll be sure a safe return from my trip.

In its news release an ADOT Senior Bridge Engineer said the fiber strips enhance bridge safety while saving tax pay dollars; just don’t ask me to use either bridge. When asked why won’t you use either bridge when they’ve been certified as up to code. The engineer replied, they’re up to code for common folks, not government officials. Peasant standards are to be applied to commoners, so use the bridges at your convenience. Remember, when I and other government officials travel our enhanced GPS systems reroutes our convoys around peasant bridges and structures so we’re not damaged while we govern. Keep in mind losers need to be treated as losers; it’s the law of man.

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V.A. Transparency Questions Hiring Practices

Picture of VA Secretary David Shulkin

In an effort to displace negative press surrounding the Veterans Administration (VA) Trump appointee Secretary David Shulkin has been hard at work creating a culture of transparency, accountability and cluelessness within the Veterans Administration. After many hours of reviewing the VA’s mission, goals and objectives Shulkin and other officials decided an adverse employee action list would suffice to fix the agencies transparency and image woes.

The action list highlights questionable hiring practices. In fact, the list starkly resembles a prison rap sheet based on its inhabitants. The list reveals VA actions towards employee transgressions. Upon review of the list one cannot help but wonder why there are so many disciplinary actions. If the VA were only hiring convicts the actions would be understandable. But all new hires are interviewed and vetted, so why are such a high level of disciplinary actions needed?   

According to Secretary Shulkin highlighting disciplinary actions is intended to be a small step in the direction he wants to take the administration. It’s widely agreed this is a small step, in fact so small there isn’t a name for such a small measure. When addressing colleagues and his workforce Shulkin said “my fellow convicts and employee convicts, we must pretend and continue pretending we want improvement. All our image woes are because of you the employee, not leadership, that’s why I’m getting a bonus and you’re getting the shaft”.  

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Department of Injustice Wants to Seize Your Cash

Picture of Attorney General Jeff Sessions

In a press conference U.S. Department of Justice Attorney General Jeff Sessions mentioned he will give a new directive to his department to increase police seizures. The policy is better known as “asset forfeiture”. The policy is supposed to target drug lords, gangsters and more. However, in reality the program targets the poor, incarcerates those that can’t make bail for illegal or wrong arrests and makes the legal system another for profit institution.

Many politicians and law enforcement officials question the asset forfeiture program, saying it turns law enforcement officials into criminals. The practice has been shown to disproportionately affect the poor, refugees and minorities. While costing arrestees all of their property and cash while not being found guilty in a court of law for the crimes they’re accused of. In addition, this practice leaves few victims with redress as most cannot financially hope to match the resources of the government in a legal battle.

Now in many states law enforcement personal are allowed to keep some of the cash obtained from wood be criminals during seizures. Off the record many law enforcement officers say they saw themselves as law enforcement officers, whose duty was to uphold just laws. However, now many see themselves as criminals pretending to be law enforcement officers. In a final message to the department Mr. Sessions said feel free to screw the woman, take the guys cash and save a cut for me, my kids are in college, I need the money.  

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Horse slaughter Ban Overturned

Picture of Congressman Earl Blumenauer

The House Appropriations Committee decided a return to the past would be good for society. It seems throughout the U.S. government politicians are headstrong to undo laws that were created for the benefit of society. In the latest rollback, Congress has given the approval to remove protections designed to slow or stop horse slaughter within U.S. borders. Despite the overturning of horse protections many in Congress have vowed to reinstate what has been lost because most Americans believe horse slaughter should be banned.

Since the intervention of U.S. horse slaughter laws many ranchers have been sending their animals to Mexico and Canada for further processing (slaughter). However, with this repeal the exporting of the animals may no longer be necessary. Because of this the bipartisan Congressional Animal Protection Caucus was moved to hold hearings with the intent of passing new legislation to end horse slaughter within U.S. borders. This move is supported by many animal welfare and animal rights groups.

Many claim horse consumption as barbaric and as a practice that must end while their investment portfolios benefit from the practice. DC Congressman Earl Blumenauer vowed to roll back the bill while feeding his dog doggy steaks. When asked, what the steak meat comprised of he replied steaks for dogs. When another reporter jumped in saying, yeah but where do the steaks come from, after reflection he said the supermarket. And where does the supermarket get the dog steaks from asked another reporter, when he replied the dog steak factory. Just then, all the reporters blew their brains out because they couldn’t take it anymore.    

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NRDC & PANNA Win Pesticide Battle, U.S. Citizens Lose

Picture of Scott Pruitt EPA Administrator

Poisonous food will be served to American Citizens as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) bows to lobbyist power. To be fair, the FDA takes its lead from the administration, in this case the lead is to allow a documented cancer causing pesticide into the food chain. The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA) successfully (allegedly) lobbied to have a likely disastrous FDA decision delayed to 2022.

With administration support the NRDC & PANNA were destined to get the delay they requested. With this decision Chlorpyrifos will be allowed to remain in the food chain despite its known cancerous effects. For years battles have been fought to get this and other pesticides out of the U.S. food chain. This was to be the year Chlorpyrifos would go down in flames. Instead, its found a new life in this FDA and administration.

When asked about the harm Chlorpyrifos is doing to current & future generations the FDA has been remarkably silent. However, Scott Pruitt the FDA Administrator has found the courage to speak with reporters. When asked is he aware of the harmful effects Chlorpyrifos is having on the population, Pruitt replied “Fuck’em we need jobs”. He continued, “the poor have a special immunity to cancerous chemicals therefore protection isn’t needed”.

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U.S. Alien Space Corps is now a Reality

Picture of Congressman Mike Rogers & Jim Cooper

The five U.S. military branches are the Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Navy and Air Force. The latter branch is about to undertake a major overhaul. Because with bipartisan support Chairman Mike Rogers (R-AL) and ranking member of the Subcommittee on Strategic Forces Jim Cooper (D-TN) just released H.R.2810. This bill proposes to create a new branch of military service within the Air Force which’ll be dubbed “Space Corps”.   

This proposal will split the Air Force into two autonomous organizations, why does this sound like the epitome of government bureaucracy? The idea is to create a space command that will be linked to Strategic Command. The bill also directs the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) director to draft plans for placing nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles in space only for defensive purposes, right? And if you believe that I have a bridge you need to buy ASAP.

There’s more, the bill wants authorization to purchase 24 “Terminal High Altitude Area Defense ” (THAAD) interceptor systems. Finally, they want to jointly align a space missile defense system with and for Israel, dubbing it the “Iron Dome”. In a press conference the two Congressmen said “war on earth isn’t enough, as soon as possible we’d like to start having wars in space too. We’ll have the ability to destroy any country from space in a moment’s notice and we’ll be able to bomb any refugees before they reach U.S. or Israeli borders”.

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Poor Air Quality Approved for all Citizens

Picture of Rep Pete Olson R-TX

Bill H.R. 806 the Ozone Standards Implementation Act of 2017 was introduced in the House of Representatives February 2017 by Rep. Pete Olson (R-TX). Subcommittee hearings were held in March, while full committee and Mark-up sessions were held in June. The “Yeas” have won so the bill will soon pass the House, then the Senate and once signed by the President will become law.

In a press release the Subcommittee on Environment chaired by Rep. John Shimkus (R-IL) loosely said environmental laws need modernization. Lately, if one was to take score, modernization of environmental laws tends to favor the weakening and delay of improvements. Similarly, this bill seeks to delay, eliminate or push out proposed and needed improvements to the decades old “Clean Air Act” (CAA-1970), which was amended (improved) in 1990 and 2004. Energy and Commerce Committee Ranking Member Frank Pallone (D-NJ) blasted the proposed changes.

In short, the proposal rolls back consumer protections, assaults public health and the environment. The changes and/or delays will increase opportunities for big business, lobbyists and politicians while giving Americans the gift of shorter life spans. When questioned Republicans said who cares, we’ve heard this democratic song and dance before.  Democrats responded Republicans are winning too many battles; we need to stay relevant so we oppose the changes and who cares about environmental health?

Recent surveys have shown Americans are concerned about climate change and its affects. It seems citizen concerns are being ignored by Democrats and Republicans alike. While democrats struggle to find their footing, Republicans push to enrich themselves and big business. Maybe Americans should invest heavily in face masks, sunscreen and pollution stocks? A quick profit might be had in these industries as the opportunity for growth is strong.

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U.S. Continues Backdoor Tactics for Destroying Countries

Picture of Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan

Organization of American States (OAS) was established in 1948 (signage in Bogota`), however the charter didn’t enter into force until December 1951. The organization has ties dating back to 1889 when its existence was more informal. OAS includes 35 independent states whose main interests are promoting democracy, human rights, security and improving developmental opportunities for its members. Tools used to accomplish these interests are dialogue, politics, mutual cooperation, legal systems and other lesser tools.

The unwritten purpose of the organization is to oppose Communism and dictatorships. While promoting U.S. interests and to spread U.S. style democracy. Of note Cuba is a member of this organization although its government has been excluded in the Inter-American system since 1962. The U.S. has used this agency to violate the sovereignty of many nations while promoting its agenda. Recently U.S. Senators expressed concerns OAS behavior seems to have a new goal of undermining other nation’s governments and their people while placing U.S. interests above these nations.

According to Republican Senator Mike Lee of Utah the organization abuses its power and there are many examples of power abuse. However, in recent speeches and press conferences many U.S. politicians have touted the good work of the OAS. Recently the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) has called into question the OAS stance on several issues, notably their abstaining from key meetings involving human rights.

Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan in a speech to the General Assembly in Cancun (June 19-20) on behalf of the OAS said our exploitation and government overthrow goals are finally being met. That is except in Venezuela, where our receipts have slowed, for this they must be punished. He continued we’re the good guys; we must exploit to change behavior. In short, our goal is control, we’re getting better at it and expect less resistance from countries in future endeavors. He concluded, why fire a shot when economic assassination is more effective, lucrative and fun, after all it ensures ownership of a people and their country for generations.

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More Election Oversight Slated for Termination

Picture of Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen

On June 28 a House Appropriation Bill for 2018 proposes to eliminate funding for the Election Assistance Commission (EAC). The bill will give the EAC 60 days to terminate itself, while giving the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) the task of administering and completing EAC outstanding contracts and agreements. EAC functions as a nonpartisan government commission that monitors elections, works to increase voter participation, helps state and local officials administer elections, conducts audits of elections, tests equipment for hacking and more.

EAC was established after the 2000 presidential election when a high level of “abnormalities” occurred handing the election to George Bush. Democrats are furious with this decision. Many think it’s a step back for the country. In fact many Democrats see it as another way for Republicans to control elections by eliminating the certification of voting systems, election audits, get out to vote campaigns and more. Republicans say the agency was meant to be temporary.

With the advent of possible electronic election tampering in the 2016 Presidential Election some say the agency is needed now more than ever before. However, H.R. 634 “Election Assistance Commission Termination Act” is likely to pass as Democrats have little power to stop it. Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer calls the proposed termination reckless and irresponsible. While Republican Congressman Rodney Frelinghuysen of New Jersey says “if we rig elections our party will be positioned to give taxpayers what they want, more Republican and Corporate agendas”.      

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